Saturday, April 6, 2013

Forever Moment!

Today we had a forever moment! I like to say this when something happens that will FOREVER stay in my mind! Its my forever moment! Its one of those moments that you want to freeze in time and never let it go!
Tonight was the first time Jagger got to lay his own eyes on his baby brother! It was awesome!! We didn't get to the hospital until 6 because we had spent the day officially looking at baby stuff! As soon as they mouthed the words home, I got into baby mode! My panic set in and I realized I have nothing for this sweet bundle of joy! So this morning we set off in search of all the things we think we need to survive having a newborn at home! Thankfully this is our second one so we know most of it is a complete waste of money, but I am telling you after 30 minutes in Babies R Us, I was starting to get a headache! I get really overwhelmed when I am placed in a situation with a lot of choices...I mean seriously why does there need to be 20 choices of car seats...just give me two options and I am all good, but start throwing in different colors, sizes, weight limits, fabrics and that is when I start shutting down! My brain can't handle it! but finally with the help of Jagger who walked over to one and said this is the car seat he needs, we made a choice!!! He is already a great big brother! Once we finally got up the hospital, Jagger had decided he want to play on the playground but I told him to go in the NICU waiting room with me and we would see if Lisa would stick Hudson out in the hallway so he could see him! Jagger was excited when I even mentioned the word!Little did we know the surprise we were all in for! Luckily we are in the hallway right by the front desk so you can see Hudson's room as soon as you walk in the door! Lisa had told me before that the next time Jagger came, she would put Hudson out in the hallway so Jagger could see him! When we walked in, I sat Jagger on the desk and we waved at Lisa down the hall. I immediately ask if she could bring Hudson out to see Jagger! She started smiling and walked in Hudson's room! About 5 minutes later, she is bringing Hudson out of his room down the hall towards us! She had hooked Hudson up a portable oxygen tank so Jagger could see him up close! There is a glass door that separates the NICU and the waiting room..She brought Hudson right up to the glass door so these two brothers could lay eyes on each other! It was one of the most precious moments I have ever experienced! Jagger did not know how to express himself. He couldn't decide if he should cry or smile. He had a mixture of the two!and sweet Hudson, it was almost like he knew Jagger was right there, he was so alert, looking around! And while this is all going on mommy and daddy were crying! We finally had the feeling that in a few weeks we would have both of our boys together as a family! The love that Jagger already has for his brother is precious! I can not thank God enough for these sweet boys he has blessed me with!
I can not stop smiling about my forever moment tonight, and how far God has brought us! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us and our family!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!
lots of love

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  1. What a precious moment, I was crying as I was reading this. I am sure it is the first of many sweet moments between your little guys. So happy that each day is bringing you closer to home.