Monday, April 1, 2013


Well we made it through another Holiday without our normal! I am really beginning to question what normal is? Is there really ever normal? I have always been one that loves normal and traditions but this has made me take a step back and realize that life still goes on when we don't have our traditions/normal! All of these holidays are just days! We can live with them or without them! The sun will come up the next day if we don't celebrate the normal way! I did get to go home for Easter, which made me so happy. I will have to say as much as I loved being home, half of my heart was still in St. Louis! Normally on Easter, I go all out! I love getting prepared several weeks ahead! Last year, I read Scriptures to Jagger everyday about what Easter is truly about and we celebrated on Good Friday with fun things to get us prepared for Easter. This year....none of this happened! I was lucky enough to get Jagger's basket together! During the drive back yesterday, I was thinking how Easter was not as good as last year but at least we all had each other this year and we have so many wonderful blessings to celebrate! I really couldn't tell you what we did this weekend but we were busy! We did our Easter fun stuff on Saturday!, which was great because we would have been rushed on Sunday! We had our Easter egg hunt that we always do, and this year Jagger LOVED it! He is getting to the age where he enjoys all the fun things that go along with Holidays! I sit around and daydream about what our Holidays will be like when we are all home together. I am pretty sure we will appreciate them in ways we never have before!
Hudson is doing good! He had a little moment over the weekend but he got over it fast and has been doing great ever since! Today they took him off of the bubble cpap! He is now strictly on oxygen! This is a huge step so we are keeping our fingers crossed he can handle it! So far he seems more comfortable than he was with cpap! He is so precious! I just feel so blessed to have another sweet boy in my life! God is so good! Still not sure when we will be home.. They haven't even started talking to us about it, so we will just continue to focus on this day and what comes with it!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!!

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