Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Ways!!

Well I have missed blogging the lat few days but it has been craziness up here! We are so close to going home we can taste it!! :) We are still not 100% sure when we are coming but we are hoping within the week. Hudson will be the one to tell us when he is ready. We had first thought tomorrow but obviously he was not happy with that day so it has changed! It is still unreal that we are even getting to talk about coming home! It seems like yesterday I was just getting airlifted and now here we are almost 4 months later getting ready to bring this sweet boy home!
Even though we are coming home, life will be different for us! I never realized how much "baggage" we will have! (Its not really baggage but I couldn't think of the term!) We are not just bringing home a full term healthy newborn! We are bringing home a baby who has been very sick and still has weak immune system and lungs. He has to be on oxygen at all times and basically we have to live in isolation! We are so excited about coming home but it will be alot for us! We will probably need more prayers now than before! We will not be going anywhere for several months except to the doctor. We will have a doctor appointment within a week of coming home then we will come back to St. louis a few weeks after that. This weekend we learned how to use his portable oxygen tanks and the apnea monitor. We also went through CPR training which was a huge eye opener! It is very scary. We were also told we have to be in touch with the local fire department to let them know we have a special needs baby who is on oxygen and then we have to call City Light Gas because his oxygen tank for home runs off of electricity! If we ever have power outage they have to get to us quick! I also have never realized how scary germs are! Yes with Jagger I made people wash their hands but this is a whole different game! If he gets sick we end up back at hospital, so it is crucial we keep him isolated for several months! Eventually he will be exposed to the outside world because we realize thats just life and we cant keep him in a bubble forever but the first couple of months are critical! So please dont be upset with me if I ask you to germ-x, scrub your hands, wear a mask if you have the sniffles, don't answer the door, keep Hudson covered so no one can touch him, or any other crazy things- its not because I dont love you, it because I am watching out for my baby's life! I would rather be crazy overboard with rules now then come home and a month later end up back here in St.Louis!
Our family is so excited about this new chapter in our lives! We are so blessed to have such a great support system! We will never be able to thank everyone for all the prayers! I can't hardly wait for Hudson to meet all of our friends and family! It will be one glorious day!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!
Lots of love

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  1. So glad you will beading home! Prayers for an easy transition for you and your little family.