Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Almost Over!

So I'm laying here in bed thinking about how close we are to coming home! It seems unbelievable that this nightmare that started on December the 18th is almost over! We had been told to expect sometime in May to go home! Ok I can handle this...this gives us time to prepare and get ready to bring him home! We could slowly start buying things here and there and plus it would give the builders a chance to finish the house( yes, we are in the process of building on.. What were we thinking?)so anyways, Monday I get to the hospital and Rebecca, our nurse practitioner, comes to our our room asking if I want good news or bad news? Immediately my heart sinks... What now? Bads news in the NICU is never good and its one of those things I want them to just lay it on me! Give me to me straight forward, no sugar coating or anything! So as I am preparing myself for what she is going to say she is smiling, she says what she is going to say and I would tell you but I honestly don't remember what it was. The good news was so good that I can not even think of what her bad news was? Must not have been too bad!! Her next statement was, "the good news is you are all going home Monday!" I just stood there. No response. I couldn't even move! I am pretty I responded with, "What"? She said well aren't you going to say anything? I thought you would be so excited!! In my mind I was excited but in shock, I didn't know what to say!! She then informs me that I needed to see if everyone could get up here for CPR training and the oxygen/monitor training! I told her I would get on the phone and be back with her in 10 minutes!! I called Matthew. His response- Let me call you in 10 minutes, I need time to think!?? I called Mom. her response- WHAT? REALLY?? Oh my goodness and then I don't remember anything else because my brain was going crazy! Gigi was next. She responded with Yay! Just tell us when to be there. After i got off the phone with everyone, panic set in! My mind started racing about how we have nothing and I need to go home and finish everything. We need this and this. I had to stop, say a small prayer and hand it God! He brought us this far and now I knew he would work this out! I want to enjoy this moment we have been waiting on for 3.5 months instead of stressing out over not having any diapers at our house! Its so crazy what a new baby will do to your head! You think you have to have it ALL done and bought for them to come home but do we think that baby really knows if his nursery is finished and stocked with all the newborn essentials!? NO! So when my brain starts going crazy, I stop and remind myself none of that junk matters! The nursery doesn't matter. The house doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that we are finally bringing him home and all the rest will fall into place!
Please pray that Hudson does get to come home Monday! He has a lot of things to get done between now and then! He needs to be on 1/4th liter of oxygen before we come! They want him taking all feeds by bottle.. No tube! We have to go through all the trainings and pass them! And then he has to pass his car seat test! If he does all this with an A+ then they will send us home, if not it may be a few more days! Just whenever he is ready but we are praying for Monday!
Hope everyone has had a blessed day!


  1. I have been following along and praying for Hudson. So glad that your going home date is sooo soon.

  2. OH, Megan! What a blessing!!!!! That is so exciting...I'm praying that you all pass your tests, and that Hudson stays healthy and continues to improve! Praying you all get to come home on Monday!!! :)

  3. Yay. Sending lots of prayers your way.