Sunday, April 6, 2014

Goodbye Weekend, Hello Week!

Why is the weekends fly by and the weeks drag? I feel like I blinked my eye and the weekend went from Friday to Sunday night instantly! We had a really great weekend. This afternoon I sat down with Grandma Betty to discuss the calendar and I was shocked that starting tomorrow basically until June we are booked!! WHAT and how in the world did this happen??? and I don't even have the ball schedule yet??? I about fell off the chair...I just kept thinking it was a mistake but nope its not! I guess God decided that we had enough down time over the last year and boom, now we have it all! I have actually decided to pray over this booked calendar because I don't want it to take hold of my family and bring any of us down (hope that made sense)...I just don't want us to get so "busy" that we forget each other and the important things in life!
Back to our great weekend....Friday night when Matthew got off work we decided to take a family trip to Lowes! Woohooo (enter sarcasm). I have mixed feelings on Lowes. I like it about 10% of the time.. I just get really overwhelmed with all the choices and everything they have...I mean why do they have blenders, mixers and coffee pots at Lowes??? I haven't figured it out. .I almost have a panic attack when we have to start making a decision on the 80 different choices of flooring/blinds/lighting fixtures/or whatever we are in there for! My brain can't handle the pressure. I end up sitting in the floor telling Matthew to pick whatever I just want to leave!  Now with all that said, I do like it when I know exactly what I am going for. We needed a industrial storage shelf for the shed, and Lowes had exactly what I wanted. It wasn't a hard choice. I walked straight to, paid for it and left! This is when Lowes and I get along! We actually had to go to Lowes to pick out a backdoor. Our backdoor has been broke for several weeks!! Want to know why? Well..........I say Matthew, He says Me...Someone left the keys locked in the house 3 different times in a matter of 2 weeks....lets just say Matthew and the crowbar were not to gentle on the backdoor while trying to break in! Ending result= mad husband, mad wife, broken door that can not be opened or closed and a trip to Lowes to buy a new door! We have learned our lesson!! We came out of Lowes that night with a new door, punkin (as Jagger calls them) seeds, sunflower seeds (he has informed us that we will be having a punkin and sunflower garden-if anyone is needing any of these two things you know where to find some) and a Venus Flytrap!  I would say a successful trip!
Saturday- Gigi, Aunt Claire, Hudson and myself left at 7am to go shopping! We had Easter on the mind! I was needing to find the boys Easter outfits and something to wear for Aunt Claire graduation! I also had some other things I was needing to pick up! We had a great time and Hudson was extremely good. He loved waving at everyone that walked by him! He is definitely the cheaper and easier child to take shopping- at least for a couple of more months! The rest of the night was spent enjoying the company of some great friends! Boy do I love our friends! God is so good and I can't thank him enough for everyone he has placed in our lives! We are beyond blessed!
This morning we all got up and went to church! Yes you saw it..ALL..I was so happy! Today was Hudson's first day in the church nursery! He did really well and I was beyond thrilled that I got to enjoy church service and Sunday School without kids! The rest of the day was spent with family and then church meetings. I am sitting here in bed and I just look back at all the blessing that I don't deserve. I just pray that God would continue to use and guide my family in whatever way he needs! I pray that over the next couple of weeks when we are extremely busy that we would not forget God and what he has done for us. I pray that we would use every opportunity to bring honor to him and that we would not get down in all the hustle bustle!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!
Lots of love..

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