Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On A Roll!

Well I am very happy with my progress on Spring Cleaning and getting rid! We are only a few days into it but I already feel awesome at what I have gotten rid of and I know if I keep it up we are going to be amazed at the end result!
Yesterday Hudson and I worked on master bedroom drawers and boy did Hudson have a blast throwing things out of the drawers. He loved crawling around in all the junk in the floor while I sorted out piles!
I was planning on posting pictures but for some reason this NEW computer does not like my little disc thing..I am getting very frustrated so I just gave up! Maybe tomorrow I can mess with it again and get pictures posted! I am very proud of myself! ;)
Today was a pretty normal day for us! Jagger went to school..Hudson and I cleaned/ straightened up the house..We picked Jagger up from preschool... We went and saw Grandma Betty...I had to take both of the boys to the doctor (we are pretty regulars at the doctor! I feel pretty sure that if we are not there every other week they start worrying about us!) it was nothing major we just battle tons of allergy/sinus junk! After doctor we ran home and got ready for church! Tonight was kind of a big deal- Hudson went to the church nursery while I went to the Wednesday night service! It made me so happy to sit in church and when I went to get him, Mrs. Kim said he was great! Yay! I think regular church going is in our future! I can't hardly wait to get back into church again! Ever since Hudson, that is one thing I have missed so much- my church and church family! We are so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful thing! Once church was over, I had some work to do on a real estate deal (pray it goes through!) and then we came home! Nothing much exciting! The most exciting things of the day would have been when 1. Hudson took a long nap so I got some work done on the computer and a couple loads of laundry done, and 2. when I realized tomorrow is payday! I'm telling you it doesn't take much to make The Cohn family happy!
well time to get to bed...morning comes quick!
Hope everyone has a blessed night
Lots of love

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