Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Drive Me Crazy!!

You Drive Me Crazy.....If you are a child of the 90's then you will immediately have this song in your head! If you are not then it is a Britney Spears song that was very popular in 1999 (I had to look that up!) Well I wasn't intending on writing about a Britney Spears song today but when I was thinking about things that drive me crazy the song popped in my head, so I went with it!  Yes, my post today is about things that drive me crazy! Things that get under my skin! I am not trying to be super negative..I think I just need to vent! Not sure but here goes...
Things that drive me crazy....

* I have 3 bottles of conditioner in my shower, but 1/2 a bottle of shampoo...Why can't I run out of conditioner the same time as shampoo!!!!

*When we go to a drive-thru.Place our order, and get half way down the road then look in the bag and its WRONG!!! You would think I would learn to look in the bag while we are at the window!

* The last several times Matthew and I have been in the middle of a movie, it messes up!! This drives me insane!! Really?? Always right when the movie is getting good...I need to know who killed who???

* Kids/Adults who have no manners and expect explanation needed!

*One word...Mosquitos..

*When I get home from the grocery store and I forgot the one thing I went for! How does this happen?

*When people won't answer the phone but then when you see them they are glued to the phone!!

*Toothpaste stuck all in the sink....gross..boys in my house please learn to wipe the sink out when you get done!

*When I forget that I had a load of laundry in the washing it up the next day and it stinks so bad!! Time to rewash....ggggrrrrrr!!

* When I have nothing that matches in my kitchen...... jelly no peanut butter, ham no burger, kool-aid no sugar (does anyone know what movie this is from??) I hate when I am planning on a meal and don't' have everything! thank you deep freeze that stays stocked with emergency lasagna and pizza!

Well that's everything that has been getting under my skin lately!!
Anything driving you crazy?
Hope everyone has a blessed night!
Lots of love..

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