Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blisters, 4 Shots, and 4 Boys!

Today has been quite a day! It is 9:52pm and I feel like I have ran a 15 hour marathon. I am exhausted! Part of it may be that my body just randomly decided to wake up at 2am and not go back to sleep! I finally got up, did some quite time, and took a shower. Around 5:15, my body decided it was tired again and went back to sleep only to be woke up by the alarm clock at 6!! NICE, just how I like mornings!
I know you are wondering why in the world I got up at 6. Well, if you have been around for some time then you have heard me joke about Hudson getting sick every two weeks! People this is not a joke! At first it was but now it is nothing but the truth! I just don't understand what his immune system is up to. He goes two weeks with everything going ok and then boom, his body decides it needs to do something! Anyway, he just had Bronchitis around 2-3 weeks ago. It was horrible and really gave us a scare. He got better and life was moving forward. During bath time on Tuesday night I notice a cluster of blisters on his leg! I am instantly thinking, "what in the world is this?"  Just two hours prior he had nothing on his leg and now he randomly has blisters popping up! and when I went to examine them, he went CRAZY! Screaming and crying. I finally got him calmed down and decided to put some "cures/heals anything cream" - Neosporin! (when I was little we used this for everything and it did make it better) 
Fast forward to Wednesday around 7pm. The whole entire day no other spots had come up. He had not ran fever nothing. Well, bath time again and guess what?? New blisters! I could not believe this and in my mind I had already self diagnosed! hand foot and mouth! I had even looked online at blisters. I know this is wrong but I couldn't help myself! I decided I would take him to the doctor at 8am the next morning!
This morning we leave out super early for the doctor, 6:45 to be exact! Jagger, Hudson, Grandma Betty and myself! I put both the boys in the car in pjs and off we go. We get to the doctor right at 8, get back by 8:15 and are out of the doctors office at 8:30!!! He doesn't have chicken pox, hand foot and mouth, nothing contagious! Just an allergic reaction to some kind of bug bite!
After the doctor we head to Target to get a prescription filled and look for some toy Jagger "had" to have! 1 hour later we leave Target. Jagger is quite the shopper with Grandma Betty! We left Target and went to Dillards. Jagger decided on the way to Dillards his feet hurt and needed a new pair of shoes. It took him 30 minutes to pick out a pair of shoes! He is worse than a girl....Hudson and I ended up waiting in the car on him and Grandma! Two intense shopping sessions and it was time for some food! Jagger picked Red Lobster. Definitely not the top of my list but whatever makes this boy happy, because in the back of my mind I know something not good is coming and he has no clue! I am a horrible mean mom...I did not tell him that when we got back to Kennett he was going to have to get shots for school! I just figured it would be easier to not tell him than him worry all day long!
We finish lunch and head back to Kennett. He has no clue and I am starting to feel sick. I feel so bad that we are having to do this....We got behind on his shots while we were in St. Louis with Hudson. We pull up to the Health Department and he starts asking me why we are there. I tell him that we have to go in to talk to them about school. Once we get inside I feel like I need to tell him. Instantly he starts crying. He is bawling, reaching for the door. He is telling me he doesn't want to go to Kindergarten. It was horrible and he hadn't even gotten the shots! We get back there and the crying has gotten louder. I am trying to keep myself stable because I am not good with shots! I have been known to have episodes myself! She gets ready to do the shots and we have to hold his arms. His legs go flying and flip flops are flying everywhere. What took 1 minute seemed like it took 15. After she put the band aids on he was crying so hard he started to throw up! - maybe a little dramatic??? but he did have 4 shots! I would have been out on the floor....We finally get him calmed down enough to leave...He was not a happy camper with me. I got to the car and cried. I guess it just all built up and I felt so bad for not telling him and those eyes when I told broke my heart! I hate to see my babies cry in pain!
We get home and its time for the Snipes boys to come over! Jensen and Jess come over to stay most of the night while Eric and Kristy went to Memphis! These boys are awesome and we love them like our own! Jagger and Hudson light up when we even mention the Snipes! So my night has been full of lots of screaming, running, play guns going off, laughing, wrestling, doors being slammed, and Hudson tagging behind the whole time! It has been a zoo but I wouldn't have it any other way!
This day has for sure left me worn out but I as I sit here, I thank God for Hudson's health. I thank God for Jagger and all his sweet self even at times if he is a little dramatic! I thank God for the friends we have. We are at a time in our lives that our friends are like family. They mean so much to us and I wouldn't change it for the world! I feel so blessed!
Sorry this was so long, I guess I had a lot to say!
Hope everyone had a blessed night!

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  1. You have had some stressful situations this week!!! Praying for a calm weekend!