Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I really wish I could start this out by saying that we have the perfect marriage! but I would be lying if I did! Are you completely shocked that we aren't perfect? just kidding! Today has been what I like to call an "off" day with our marriage or maybe the last few days! Do you ever have "off" days and if you don't please get in touch with me because I need to know what you are doing!
I remember growing up watching all the love movies thinking that when I got married prince charming would come and sweep me off of my feet and every day would be a bed of roses!! Well prince charming did sweep me off of my feet but I can for sure say every day has not been a bed of roses! I am so glad that my parents had a "normal" marriage! Growing up I got to see what normal couples go through! They love each other through good, bad, thick and thin....Mom and dad never yelled or threw down in front of me but I knew when things were not the best! I am glad that they did this and did not try to pretend everything was perfect for me. I think this helped show that real life marriage is not perfect all the time!
so anyways life goes on and we are married! With 6 years of marriage behind us, we have been through some stuff! It cracks me up how when you marry someone,things change. You find out things about that person you never knew before! The true person comes out (really you leave your clothes laying out everywhere?? you leave the bathroom sink in a horrible mess when you get done shaving?? )This has been one thing I have enjoyed is learning everything about Matthew and the person he truly is! We are for sure two different people that came from two totally different families! He is so laid back. I am not. He doesn't care about certain things. I do. I love to read. He hates it. I love to cook. He could care less. I do the discipline. He doesn't. We are both very hard headed and stubborn. We were both spoiled growing up so we both want our way! This has been our challenge and something God has been teaching us!!
I guess where I am going with all this is to say that we don't have the perfect marriage. There are days (like today) where its best if we don't talk much, but even on these days I love him so much! As I sit here and type this I can't help but fall in love all over! I love so many wonderful things about him, and what we have together! I thank God for our marriage everyday- the good and the bad!

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