Monday, July 21, 2014


I am going to start by openly admitting that I have no willpower! (Isn't that the first step-admitting you have a problem!) I know you are thinking what in the world is she talking about!?? Well...lets just say that I finished a Nachos Bellgrande and part of a bean and cheese burrito...thank you Taco Bell! Before I continue I know all of you clean eaters and health food people are cringing right now! You can not believe that I am openly admitting to this! but I am not ashamed!  I LOVE FOOD!!!! I am the worst person ever to say that I am going to start eating healthy and then boom I walk through a store or drive through town and I swear the food is calling my name! I love to eat food that is not good for me..I love to eat sweets..I love food that is good for me..I love fast food..I love sit down food....(I'm serious..I know I have a problem! I read cookbooks like books....I know this can't be normal!) I can't believe I am going to tell you this but last night I was looking at the menus for a trip we have booked in September????
ok back to this problem I have....I really want to be a good eater and I would say that 85% of the time I do eat good foods and take care of my body but then that other part of the time I am not sure what happens to me! There is no willpower what so ever! It just completely vanishes and I have no control over myself! I will not even tell you what I ate while I was in St. Louis dealing with Hudson! It was totally out of control and at times embarrassing! Oh well..we all handle situations differently! I do pray that God will help me with this and that one day I will wake up and openly crave fruits and veggies and have no desire for "bad" foods but until then I will enjoy it in moderation because who's to say that Jesus won't come and take us home tonight! If he does then I know that I was happy and didn't feel guilty over my late night indulgent of Taco Bell..
I hope after all of that you will either be able to relate to me or you will not relate at all and not think I am totally lost it!
I have to end by asking ....are you a stress eater? , do you just enjoy food?, do you not care about food?, do you eat healthy?, or all over the above!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!
Lots of love..


  1. This post is soooo me!! I love salty, sweet, every kind of food. It's sooo pitiful!!!! I try to workout and eat healthy sometimes; but honestly, I'd eat Mexican food, burgers, pizza at every meal!!! It's a battle

  2. I sometimes joke around and say "Have you seen Will? Because I can never seem to find him?" :) Will Power is something I lack as well.