Monday, July 28, 2014


I have always enjoyed trying new beauty products, but I have my favorites! The favorites that you can't go without. They are  part of my daily routine or the somewhat routine that I have!

 Hair: My hair is naturally curly! I either wear it curly or straighten it! I don't get too fancy with my hair. I am not good at doing cute hairstyles...and I really wish I could do the messy bun/braid but I can't so I will live with what I can do!

For curly hair I love all the John Frieda products! They are awesome!!!

No I do not wash my hair everyday! This stuff really helps a momma out!
Body: I love body washes and lotions! I am a sucker for it! Once a year I have to clean out the bathroom cabinets because I have been known to have TOO much body stuff! I didn't put shampoo on here because I am cheap when it comes to shampoo. I don't buy special shampoo for my hair! I probably should but I would rather spend money on something else!
This stuff is awesome! You don't have to use lotion makes your skin feel so good!

When I do use lotion I have been using what I have for the kids! This stuff is AMAZING!!! the smell is so good! I normally use Olay lotion but I ran out and started using this!

my mom has used this perfume for YEARS!! I always would make fun of her for not using anything different and then guess what? I started using it and have been since high school!

the best!!!
Face: I use very limited stuff on my face! I hardly ever wash my face..I know weird huh? but every night I do use face wipes! I have a clarisonic that I love to use on my face! It makes my face feel so good!
Eye liner....this is the most amazing eye liner I have ever used..pricey but worth it!! I love all urban decay products!

I have never been a lip person....Im telling you I am plain jane! but this stuff is great! Thank you sister in law for the recommendation! It has a little bit of color not too much and feels great!

been using since high school if that tells you anything!

Good Ol Noxzema! I have tried all kinds of face wash and creams but  I always go back to this...$3 bottle and I love the way it feels!

I have not learned how to use this but the 3 colors I do use I have like A LOT!!!
So what are your favorites??
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

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