Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy 50th!

Today my pretty awesome dad is celebrating his 50th birthday!!! How in the world is my dad turning 50? It doesn't seem possible! I still at times think my parents are in their early 30's! I feel so blessed that Jagger and Hudson have grandparents who are still young and do fun things!

If you know my dad then you know he is one of a kind! I truly have never met anyone like him! He is a hard worker, and at times expects everyone to work as hard as him! :) (we have tried explaining to him that not everyone in the world loves to work like he does!)   

He has a tough "outer shell", but inside that shell is a big softy!!! Inside that shell is someone who has a big heart and would give the shirt off of his back...

OH how he loves his grandsons!!! I have always known that my dad has loved me, but the love he has for my boys is one of a kind! I love watching him with them! and they absolutely worship the ground he walks on! They can not get enough of Pop!

I think he is pretty handsome!! I mean come on....dark eyes, skin and hair! I'm telling you he doesn't look a day over 30! He has good genes!

He's just pretty darn cool (even if he is a little opinionated!) I remember being young and thinking he was just COOL....He loves to ride motorcycles....Listens to the best music (Jimi Hendrix, Eagles, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Van Halen, etc) and can basically fix anything!

Happy 50th Birthday dad! Hope you have an awesome day!
Lots of love....


  1. Your dad sounds like a really fun guy! I hope he was celebrated on his birthday :)

    1. Nikki, Thank you! He is pretty special to us!