Monday, April 2, 2012

Is It Summer?

I swear it is summer already! I keep having to remind myself that it is not! The last few days it has been 80+ degree here! At one point today, Jagger said, "Mommy, its too hot. Lets go inside!" You know its hot if my child is wanting to come inside! The last two days have been great! I have truly enjoyed this nice weather! We are for sure outside people!
The fort is pretty much completed! Tonight we are going to stain it, and then Matthew is wanting to put wall around the bottom to completely enclose it, but other than that it is done. Jagger has already put his approval stamp on it! We can not thank Pa CP enough!

Yesterday was so much fun! Our church hosted an egg hunt for the kids! It was awesome! Jagger did not really know what was going on until we got there! When he saw all of his friends he was smiling like Christmas morning! On the way there, he told me he really wanted to get 10 eggs! I told him that would be a great goal...Little did I know that the church had put out over 4,000 eggs!!! YES I said 4,000 and only 50 something kids showed up! If you do your math then you know each kid got about 100 eggs! Jagger thought he had died and gone to heaven! He said, MOMMA, I am the luckiest boy ever!!! He was thrilled! There was not a child there that was not smiling and having a great time! and each egg was stuffed with candy! SO..we now have an entire cookie jar full of candy and Easter is not even here! I'm thinking the EASTER BUNNY may run out of candy for Jagger! :) I love our church so much and am so grateful to be apart of it! I hope that we will get to do this again next year! I know the kids loved it!
On the way!!

Jen is so awesome!

my sweet boy! He LOVES his sunglasses!

so blessed!

patiently waiting! Bro Ed was telling the Easter story!

and off we go!
He was loving it!

They hit the jackpot! Jagger found a Prize egg! he won a outside water toy!

here are the eggs we got! I mean wow!!!
Hope everyone is having a blessed day!!

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  1. What a fun post!

    and you look gorgeous!