Monday, June 18, 2012

The Wants!

Do you ever get "the wants"? Well I do!!! And sometimes they drive me insane! This morning I had to spend extra time with God because I have felt bad because my mind has been filled with wants! This has really been getting me down lately and it's seriously something I have been spending a lot of time in prayer about! We want a bigger house, I want a newer car, I want a new phone, we want cable at times, we want to go on vacation, I want to sell some houses so we can pay off this last bit of debt!! And it's amazing to me how when you want something everyone else around you will get it! I haven't quite figured out if that is Satan or if that is God trying to teach us a lesson! Sometimes I think it's God trying to see how we will react to that situation! Will we get jealous, or have envious feelings?? Matthew and I are so blessed in our life!! I look back over the last year and am amazed at how God has shown us that we can still be happy without fancy phones, cars and everything else that society has programmed us to think we have to have to even continue life! It makes me very nervous for Jagger and what he will grow up in! Ok enough of that!! Sorry to vent for a few minutes but I needed to get it out..we had a great weekend! We went to the lake, stayed the night in a cabin, and got up the next day to take the kids to the waterpark! They had a blast! Jagger thought the wave pool was the best thing ever! It was the only thing he wanted to do! After several hours of swimming, we came home! We were all exhausted!!! I was glad for some rest! Even today, we are taking it easy and staying home! We have swam almost everyday straight for the last week! We need a break and I need to do house work! Jagger seems fine with that! He is pulling out all of his toys in room and taking them to the living room!!! :)so much for cleaning that room!! I'll save that for tonight! please keep me in your prayers! I'm going tomorrow to my new doctor! I'm getting mirena taken out!! Yay!! But I have heard that there is a 3 day crash after that is horrible, so I'm just praying I won't have to experience it! Hope everyone has a blessed day!!

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