Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Day!

Today has been one of those awesome summer days! Almost like a magazine! We stayed in the pool almost all day! The kids would swim, take a break, swim, eat ice cream, swim, swim, and swim! and guess what? It is 10:19 at night and my child is still up?? what in the world is up with that? Matthew and I are having major issues with him and his sleep habits! Its horrible- but that is another blog post and very soon at that!
I got really ticked at my blog today!! This morning I wrote a really long post on Throwing up! hahaha I know, its gross! but then I accidentally deleted it! I was so sad and mad at myself! Technology drives me insane at times! For those of you who did not get the privilege of reading my post, I will give you a short version! Tuesday, we drove home from Bennie and Pops. We stopped at my grandma's (she lives in a very small town in Arkansas). After we left her house, Jagger started telling me he was getting sick! About 30 minutes later at a small grocery store in a town with a population of 30, in the middle of the store Jagger throws his guts up!! It was awful, and the only thing I could do was cup my hands and let him throw up in my hands (of course, it didn't help at ALL, but I didn't know what else to do). It is so amazing to me what we do as parents that we would have NEVER done before.Throw up or any other bodily function has not ever been something I have been good with until I became a momma! It is hysterical the things you will do for your baby! I thank God everyday for giving the blessing of being a mom! Poop, throw up, and all the other stuff...I wouldn't change it for the world!
So anyways, that is my shortened version! I was so bummed when I saw that I had deleted it! I am excited about this weekend! Matthew's younger cousin, Devon and Chloe are in from Florida! They come in every summer and stay 3 weeks with Grandma Betty! Jagger loves it when they are here! While they are here we always go and stay at the lake in a cabin! The kids think it is so cool! This weekend we are making our lake trip and its funny because Matthew has decided to go! He never goes so I think he is in for a trip! The interesting part will be the car ride!! It will entertaining- Matthew, Jagger, myself, Grandma Betty, Devon and Chloe! The first thing out of Matthew's mouth was that he was driving! ;)

Well...Its late and I am tired! Time to hit the sack!
Hope everyone had a blessed day!!

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  1. Such cuties! The pool looks like it was a blast! Today is definitely pool weather here in Connecticut. I just wish I had some time to bake in the sun :) Have a great weekend!