Monday, June 11, 2012

Temper Tantrum!

Wow...It is amazing how my sweet little boy can go from being so precious to this 3 year old temper tantrum throwing crazy child!!!! Where does this come from??? It stresses me out so bad because I am trying so hard to raise Jagger to have manners and be a good child but these fits are insane!!! We came to Bennie and Poppies last night to stay with them for a few days. Last night, we hung out and had a blast! The puppies were so happy to see Jagger! This morning, Jagger helped Dad fix several motorcycles. Dad was saying that Jagger was turning the wrenches and he would do everything dad ask him to do! About 2 hours later, they came inside and Jagger was covered in dirt!!! He told me that being a motorcycle mechanic was hard work and that they were very thirsty! After a small snack and getting a drink, we decided we would go to town and do alittle shopping! I had been promising Jagger if he was good I would get him the Captain America toy, and then I wanted to run by Hays to get some shoes! Dad decided he would go with us and see if he could find some shirts at Hays. On the way, Jagger was in a great mood! Dad sat in the backseat with him and the whole way they cracked up. The first place we went Jagger did good..still in a good mood! We get in the car to go to the next place and BOOM..he starts whining. I can NOT stand whining. It drives me insane! and then not only is he whining he starts this fake cry. After about 15 minutes of dealing with this, I get frustrated and decide to leave the store. I told Dad we would just go down to Sonic and grab some food before going to the other stores. I thought Jagger was just hungry and that was why he was acting so crazy! We get to Sonic, and I get all of our food ordered. Jagger wanted a grilled cheese and an apple juice...nothing out of the ordinary! We get the food, everyone is happy and I give Jagger his sandwich. I am about to turn around and tell Dad that Jagger does not like his sandwich ripped in to 2 pieces and before it comes out of my mouth, RIP..Dad ripped his sandwich and you would have thought the world was ending!! Jagger starts screaming, crying, kicking, and everything else! I was so embarrassed! I could not believe he would act this way in front of my dad especially over NOTHING!! I just can not get it in my head how this can make someone so MAD....I mean seriously??  Lets just say that we did not anywhere else. We came straight back to moms and he got in big trouble for acting that way! I made him apologize to Pop for acting that way, and I told him there would be NO Captain America in his near future! He cried for about 45 minutes and then he finally fell asleep! He ended up sleeping for almost 3 hours! I was shocked because he never naps! and while he was Napping we had a huge storm! I was so thankful for the rain! Now, Mom and I are watching Twister while Jagger and Pop play games on the Iphone! It is so funny because Jagger is trying to teach Pop how to play the games- and you have to understand my dad is anti-technology!

I am so happy that for this minute I have my sweet little boy back! ;)
Here are some pictures that I have been meaning to post....
Nolen and Jagger waiting for VBS to start!!

Ready for church and YES..that is a plastic gun he is holding! :) He kept telling me that the Joker was in our house so he had to have is gun to protect us!!

His VBS class singing Jesus Loves Me in front of the church!! It was precious!

Helping dad put up the tent!

Our "camping" trip!

I love my family!!

Playing in the "hamster" ball! He had a blast!

Hope everyone had a blessed day!

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