Sunday, June 3, 2012

Got Wrapped?

I am super excited because this weekend when my momma came to visit I got wrapped!!! I know you are thinking wrapped? what in the world is wrapped? Well....that is why I am going to explain! ;) A couple of months ago momma called me and said that she was going to start a new business. She went on to explain that it was called It Works and they do body wraps and lots of "health" stuff (vitamins, supplements, skin care and lots of other things!!) When she first told me, I was like, Oh that's nice! and then it never really went past that until things started going CRAZY!!! Crazy as in super busy and can't hardly keep up with the demand! This stuff just exploded! I still was not too interested because I had been on Weight Watchers since January and happy to say that I lost right at 20lbs!!! YAY!! I did not think the wraps would do anything for me and it would be a waste! Well...after weeks of seeing hundreds of results I figured I needed to see what all the hype was about! I told Bennie I wanted wrapped and this is what happened!!

and No I was not sucking in or poking my stomach out(and my skin looks different because of the lighting!)..I was doing that at first and mom stopped me..This is the real result after 1 day!!! Its unreal!! I am so impressed with this! and I have already been taking the daily multivitamin for about 1 month and I LOVE IT! Its awesome! I am so proud of my mom and the business she building! She has a wonderful team going and they are blowing it out of the water! I can't wait to see what the future holds for them! Its definitely worth being apart of....
If this is something you would be interested in check out my moms facebook page   Bennie and the Wraps or her website   She would love to talk to you about it!!
Hope you have a blessed night! and I am so super happy about the rain we are getting!! Thank you Jesus!

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