Saturday, June 9, 2012

Life Is So Precious!!

Life is so precious... This is something this week that has truly touched me like never before! The last few days have been very hard on our town! A very sweet family in our church had a horrible tragedy happen this week. The young (44 years old) husband was in a motorcycle wreck on the way to work and ended up loosing his life. His wife is an wonderful woman and he has two great kids! The night that it happened I literally thought my heart was going to rip out of my body! All I could do was lay in the floor, sob not cry, and pray! I was absolutely useless that night and on top of that my phone was blowing up with phone calls.. It was awful!!! Every time I would pray it was almost like God would put it my mind to not take life for granted and that we need to enjoy each moment because we just don't know!!! Our days are numbered!! You just never know from one minute to the next what life is going to bring! My heart still hurts for this family and I continue to pray that God will comfort them like never before!! Tonight was so much fun.... It's 11:38pm and we just got done "camping" in Grandma and pa's backyard!! Yes, we put up a tent today and that is all we have done! We have acted like we have been on a camping trip. Tonight when it got dark it was so sweet because here we all are(Justin, Allyson, pa, grandma, Matthew, Jagger, and I) laying on the ground in this tent just cracking up. Jagger has the flash light shining it in everyones face, Matthew was almost asleep, Allyson and I were acting goofy..laughing and cracking up, Justin was entertaining Jagger, grandma was bringing in snacks from the house... It was quite hysterical and I can only imagine what someone would think if they walked up on us. They would think we were crazy!! I was telling Matthew that it may have been silly but these are the great memories we will always have! I look at Jagger everyday and it makes me want to cry my eyes out. My baby boy is growing up so fast!! Every time I blink he is learning things and becoming a little boy. I am truly trying to enjoy each passing minute with him. I have learned to let the dishes sit in the sink alittle longer so we can play, and my favorite thing is our story and prayer time at night together. It's one of my favorite times of the day! We get ready for bed, read a few stories, say what we are thankful for the day, pray, and then I normally sing him to sleep! There is nothing in the world like holding your baby(no matter how old) and singing them to sleep-and I am Not a singer!! It's a moment I don't want to pass... I just want time to freeze! I am almost positive I am not the only mommy that feels this way! :) I can say that I officially have baby fever!!! And it's bad! But we are not trying right now! We have been praying about and have decided to let God Decide when the time is right! I am going to my new OBGYN the 19th so I'm super excited to meet her! Please keep us in your prayers over this... I know God has a plan for us and it will be wonderful! Hope everyone has had a blessed day!

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  1. yes, megan, God has a plan. He always does. even through all the bad. love you, darlin. and by the way, you should have called me.....i would have come seen the campers!!! :) yes....precious memories. enjoy.