Friday, June 29, 2012

He Is Good!

So I was sitting here this morning doing bible study and the study was about how God will open and close doors for us if we would just listen to him! I feel like many times we don't listen and do what we want! It has taken me a bit to figure out that I don't want to open and close my own doors because it won't be as good as if he did it! I also was thinking about how many times I think our life could be better! Why can't my school loans get paid, why can't we have a bigger house, why don't houses sell, and many other silly things and it's just like God comes over me and says, Quiet!!! It's unreal how when I quiet down how I started seeing all the unbelievable blessing in our life!! The other day I was so excited because I got a report from the OBGYN saying all my tests came back clear!! This is amazing news for me because I have had so much trouble in the past! This is two years in a row I have had a good report! This is more than a blessing! I also think about how we have paid down a lot of debt in the last year and the only real thing we have left is my school loans, and we have not gone without during the last year! Matthew has been blessed with a job that provides enough that I can stay home with Jagger! This is worth no amount of money! Sometimes I think it would be nice to get a job and have all the extra income but then I think about how much I would miss out on and to me it's just not worth it! I guess my whole point here is it is so easy to forget how many blessing we have in life! I think sometimes we see what we don't have instead of what we do have! And for me it brings tears to my eyes when I take a step back and look at our life! God is so good! Ok enough of that!! Jagger is swimming like crazy! He can pretty much swim by himself! I will have to post pictures! He will take off running and jump off the side of the pool! He has learned to come up for a breath and then go back down! He has also learned to swim to the side and hang on! It is unreal that my 3 year old is out there swimming with the bigger kids! We were cracking up last night because jagger just does everything they do! He forgets he is 3!!! I have to remind him several times a day! It breaks my heart to see him grow so fast, but I know that is how life works! And I am super excited that in a month we are headed to the beach with Matthew's mom and Pa CP! Matthew's sisters are going too so it will be a lot of fun! This will be our first vacation with them! I would love if we could make this a yearly thing- same time and place every year! Well I need to get off here and get ready for work! Hope everyone has a blessed Friday! Try and stay cool its suppose to be 105 here today!!! :)

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