Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

I'm LOVING that I am Mirena Free!!!! Maybe a baby is in our future!! ;)  and my new OBGYN is awesome!

I'm LOVING that this weekend Jagger and I are going with Bennie to Oklahoma! We are going to have a great time!

I'm LOVING that Matthew and I are entertaining the idea of taking Jagger to Disney this fall! This has been a dream of mine since I was a child!! I actually get super giddy thinking about going!! If there is ANY way possible we are going!!

I'm LOVING the tv show Till' Death. Matthew and I found it on Netflix and it is hysterical! It is about a couple that has been married over 20 years and their new neighbors who have only been married a few months!!

I'm LOVING the Rolo McFlurry from McDonalds! I am not really a huge fan of Rolo's but this thing is AWESOME!! and its even better that it comes in a snack size! ;)

I'm LOVING that me and the hubby will be celebrating our anniversary next week!! I can't belive how time flies!!

I'm LOVING that when I get down or worried about something if I turn to our Heavenly Father he immediately makes me feel better!! It is the best feeling ever! ;)  I am so blessed!

and last but not least, I'm ALWAYS LOVING the hubby and my sweet baby boy!!!
this is an old picture but My FAVORITE!!! It makes me cry looking at it! Life is so precious and I am blessed beyond anything!!!

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Hope everyone has a blessed day!


  1. That Rolo McFlurry looks sinful.

  2. That last picture of the two of them makes me so happy too! I'll have to try the rolo mcflurry. I'm not a fan of rolos either, but if you say it's good, I trust you :)