Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas To Remember!

Yes this will for,sure be one to remember! I have a book at home that is called Christmas traditions and each year I write what all we did and answer all the questions. I was telling Matthew the spot for this year wont have much in it.... In Hospital!
The day started out pretty good! Mom and dad are here which makes me very happy! We could have all the company in the world but there is something about having my momma here that comforts me. Matthew and I slept in a little which was nice! Rest is super important and sometimes hard to get! When we finally got up i ordered breakfast and we then got to watch on FaceTime Jagger get Santa! It was great! Yes i wanted to be there but thank goodness for technology! After the kids did Santa we watched the family open gifts! Matthew has a very large family and they all stay at Grandma and Pa's so through the screen we could watch! We watched for awhile them it started to get to me so we took a break! I had a small break down, and i keep telling myself its ok! After i got myself back together, i decided to read the Christmas story from the bible, and this made me feel much better! Its amazing how God's word can calm us! The rest of the day was pretty slow until Jagger got here! I was so, see that sweet face! It took all of my pain away! And then Of course we did Christmas! Yes, Matthew's mom is Awesome! They hauled all the presents up here to the room and we had Christmas! The nurses and doctors loved it! I would have much rather been at home in my cute christmas pjs doing presents but we aren't! Im laid in bed with this nasty gown and all hooked up to monitors and wires, so it is definitely a Christmas we wont forget! Im also excited because as i lay here and type i have my two boys in the room with me! Jagger spent the night with us tonight! So its not the picture perfect Christmas but I cant stop thanking God for his blessings and for honestly teaching me Christmas is really just another day! Its not about trees, presents, Santa, stockings and all the other junk! Its about him and his,precious gift to us!
Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!

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