Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lights of the Delta!

First, before I get started I need prayers. I have started swelling and having lots of back pain. It all started yesterday and when I talk to the doctor she told me to stay off my feet! If it doesn't get better by Monday we will be at doctor :( and I really don't want to do that so please say a small prayer for me that this will get better!
Ok.....on to the fun stuff! Last night, Matthew and I took Jagger to see the Lights of the Delta. I know many of you may not know what this is, but it is super cool and definitely worth the drive! It is the largest lighting display in the Mid-South. They have 6 million lights and 48+ major motion displays on a 40 acre drive thru site. It is really neat and Jagger LOVED it! He was so sad when we were at the end of it! When you get there, you turn your radio on a certain station and the music plays along while you drive through the lights! It is a really good family night activity!
Love my boys!

acting silly!

we couldn't get a good one! Oh well....

Not the best pictures..but you get the idea! It is so neat!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!

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