Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day After Delivery!

Wow what a day that was!!! That morning when I got up my blood work already came back in a good direction! Mom and dad got here early because i knew i needed momma! The goal for the day was getting up to walk, control bp and possibly see Hudson! I ate breakfast and then pretty quick after they took out catheter, which made me very nervous bc I knew what this meant.. I had to get up to pee! I was dreading it. Finally my nurse came in and said its time to get up! She made me cry and i know i looked at her like she crazy! I tried and of course no success. I was so dizzy and light headed i thought i would pass out. Lets just say this nurse was not my favorite! I know she was doing her job but goodness come on, not even 12 hours ago i had my stomach ripped open and insides all messed with then on top of that i have been on constant drugs for 11 days! The morning i delivered i was to 164 lbs!!!! Wow! Finally i had no choice but to get up because i was about to pee in the bed! We got the two charge nurses come help me and they were amazing! It took several minutes of sitting on the side of the bed and these sweet nurses rubbed my arms and just helped me. When i stood up i felt like my legs were going to give. Its the worst feeling but they pushed me. Out loud i was saying, i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Yes it was horrible and tough but i made it and each time has been easier. I slept good that night and the next day was better. The only thing was my blood pressure. It continued to get higher and this was so frustrating to me. I just want to be out of this hospital so we can focus on Hudson. I have been very happy to get back in clothes and wear normal pjs! The nurses and some of my specialist doctors have been shocked at how different I look! I think its funny! I am very happy about getting out tomorrow. We will be moving into,our new home- Ronald McDonald house and I've heard its great! I know we will enjoy support from other families!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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