Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Yup, It's Wednesday and it's only 20 days until Christmas! That is just unreal! but very exciting!

I'm LOVING that we are now on day 5 of our Random Act of Christmas Kindness Countdown and it has so far been the best thing we have ever done! We still have 20 days to go and I can't imagine how we will feel when it is over! I already feel so blessed....

I'm LOVING that we have started getting Christmas cards! I absolutely love getting Christmas cards in the mail. Everyday I am like a kid waiting on the mailman to get here so I can run out to the mailbox to see how many are there and who they are from!

I'm LOVING ABC Family's Countdown to Christmas! Christmas movies is one of our favorite things and on here they show all the originals plus more!

I'm LOVING Fiber One Brownies! I have been needing something to take care of my chocolate craving and these are the perfect thing! They are only 90 Calories and taste super yummy!

I'm LOVING that the new Batman is out on dvd! I am huge fan of Batman- always have been! and I have been waiting for this one to come out but did not want to go to the movie theater after the shooting, so now I can finally watch it in the safety of my own home! :)

I'm LOVING that my doctors appointment this month went well! She said that at the next appointment in January I will go and register with the hospital, then we will get a date set for the c-section! I can't believe its already time for that! Seems unreal!

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Hope you have a blessed night!

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