Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hudson's House!

Hudson's Home is not here in St. Louis, it is in Kennett! I can't hardly stand calling this place our home! This is not home, this is just our temporary house! ;) So many people ask me what the NICU is like..Well first I call it the dungeon! We have no cell phone service and there are no windows in our room! It truly feels like a cave and that is why if I don't get out for abit I would go insane! We are really blessed in this NICU because we have private rooms! It is so nice having our own space! I can't imagine being in a ward style nicu for 5 months! The pictures aren't much but at least you can get an idea of "Hudson's House"!

Our Front Door! I normally have themed window clings on the doors but we are now just sticking with Cardinals!

We do have a couch..and the curtain pulls across for privacy!

sink area

All of the stuff drives me insane! His room gets cluttered so I am constantly decluttering! :)

His big boy crib!

Closet area!
Today was a pretty good day..nothing special..His rate on his cpap was turned down today so he was trying to adjust to that! He was working alittle hard so he didn't take some of his feedings. They will take a blood gas in the morning to see how he likes the setting. Worst case scenario..they will turn the setting back up! They also did an echo of his heart today to see how things are going there! Tomorrow I will get the update on that!
I am also super excited because mom and dad are coming up to stay with Hudson so I can go home for the weekend! I can't hardly wait to get home! I am super homesick!
Hope everyone has had a blessed day!

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