Friday, August 1, 2014


Hudson is FINALLY settled and comfortable!! Today has been another doozy of a day. Hudson was very restless last night so sleeping was limited. The boys and I were suppose to get up early and head out for my parents but we woke up about two hours late! I didn't panic when I woke up this time because when I can sleep I sleep! And if my boys are sleeping good I am going to let them! When I woke up I threw some clothes in the bag and was ready to get the boys in the car! I got Hudson up and took his pjs off and was in shock!!! His leg was horrible! The blisters had spread and were 10 times worse looking than yesterday! This made me panic! I went to put anti-itch cream on it and he started crying! I knew it hurt because he was shaking and holding his leg! I knew immediately it was time to see the doctor again! This could not be bug bites! We have to drive through Jonesboro to get to my parents so I decided I would just drop in the doctors office and demand to see a doctor!! I had this all worked up in my mind that I would not call and make an appointment but just walk then there and ask to see a doctor, if the girl got huffy then I would unzip Hudson's pjs and show her what was going! No one was standing in the way of this momma!!! (Isn't it crazy how we get stuff in our kind and it never goes that way!! I have no clue why I thought she would get huffy!) it ended up working totally opposite! I walked in told her I was headed out of town and his rash was awful! She said ok I will get you right in! 10 minutes later we were seeing a doctor!!! Wow! I love this place! The doctor walks in and immediately looks at Hudson's leg and without saying anything else he says, "shingles"! I know my mouth fell open! All I remember saying is, how??? So many people had told me he could not get shingles! The doctor said this wrong! Shingles are more common in older people but babies can get it! Any age can get it! When we leave and get to target to pick up prescription I decide to call Cardinal Glennon and run this by them.. I am still in shock it is shingles! Rebecca, our nurse practitioner said to send her pics and she would run it by the neonatologist there! She instantly calls back and says that the doctors say shingles!!! Ok shingles it is! 2 pediatricians and 3 neonatologist are saying shingles!  We get the meds and head to my moms! The rest of the night we have spent relaxing and visiting with Bennie and Pop! I have really been upset and sad at how many people are saying,even after telling everyone he has shingles, that this is not possible! It is possible! You can google " can babies get Shingles" and read all about it! Shingles in children are completely different than in adults! It is very uncommon but can happen! I can't explain it. I don't understand it! All I know is we have a baby boy who can get sick very easily! He can catching anything and everything at the blink of an eye! I am doing my best to take care of him and keep him comfortable! I truly appreciate all the prayers and would ask that you keep them up! I am ready for this boy to start feeling better!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!
Lots of love...

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  1. How scary! Thankful you have a diagnosis and can move forward now! Prayers for him to feel better!