Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Do You Black Friday?

I honestly can not believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving!! Wow! I am so excited about all the yummy food, I may not eat today! ;) Thanksgiving always brings about the thoughts of food, family, football and BLACK FRIDAY!! (It's sounds kind of like an evil thing)
So my question is do you black Friday??? Do you venture out into the madness or do you stay warm in your home with the comfort of knowing you won't get beat up over a trampoline??

I am shocked over how people act to save a little money!! I will have to say that I venture out to Wal-Mart on black Friday but it's never with anything certain to buy! My mother in law, sister in laws and I venture out to see what we can get! last year we were in and out in 30 minutes and actually grabbed some pretty good stuff! Seriously we walk in a straight line, no cart, and grab whatever we can. Then we stop and see what we have and head to the check out! In and stress! ;)
We are they family that buys ahead of time, like months so that way we do not have to fight over the latest and greatest toys!
I was looking through the ads and there are a few good things I wouldn't mind picking up this year but nothing I am really wanting!  I think this year I will probably skip out on the madness! and I have figured out that shopping online typically offers just as good deals with free shipping and no screaming crazy people! ;) Is there anything you are going for???

As I was going through pictures for Black Friday I found this one and it really tugged at my heart! No just for Black Friday, but everyday...
We are a society that has SO much and we don't even realize it at times! We have way tooo much!! Remember while you are out shopping that sometimes less is more! ;) Because I promise 1 month after the new wears off, something else will be in your sight!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love...

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  1. I don't Black Friday shop. I am like you I shop ahead of time so there is nothing that I have to have. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!