Thursday, November 13, 2014

Remember When!

Remember when.......

*this is what we played because we didn't have Ipad, Iphones, and all the other fancy technology..
and odds are we wrote it with this..
You had to be really selective with your choices for MASH because, come on,  this did determine your fate! ;)

Remember when..
*this is what getting on the Internet meant..
I wish I had the audio to go with it because it was a horrible noise and if someone was using the phone at the same time. Well, no Internet for you!
When we finally got away from dial up, you were probably talking to your friends on this..

while illegally downloading 1 million songs on this..

and when you were not on the computer chatting you could have been using this...
so that you could 3 way and find out who so and so liked...

Remember when..
*these were our favorite places to shop...

I can't believe how much things have changed in 20 years. I know when my kids get older they will look back and remember all the things they did! I just hope they are great memories!
What are some great things you remember?
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!