Friday, November 14, 2014

Christmas Traditions!

Traditions! Most everyone has some sort of tradition for every holiday! I know we do! I love traditions. I love the comfort that old traditions bring, but I also love getting new ones. I have already been counting down the days until we get to do some of our favorite things for the Christmas holiday!

*RACKED- Random Acts of Christmas Kindness- This is a Christmas tradition that started with just our little family! I started this 3 years ago with Jagger and Matthew. I really wanted our family to try and focus on others during the Christmas season instead of ourselves! We have an advent calender that we use to count down the days to Christmas and to keep up with our acts of kindness. Each day Jagger opens up that days door to find a piece of paper. Inside that paper is the Random Act of Christmas Kindness we are to do that day! Example- take cookies to the fire station, tape a dollar bill to the back of a toy at the dollar store, tape quarters to a coke machine, and many more!  We absolutely love doing this! It brings so much joy knowing we are doing small acts of kindness and we are teaching our kids to do for others!

* Happy Birthday Jesus! - This is one of our new traditions and I LOVE it! Last year on Christmas Eve Eve (the day before Christmas eve) I decided to order a cake that said Happy Birthday Jesus! I called to order the cake and when I picked the cake up the girl said, "I have a personal question to ask?" Me: "ok?" Girl: "Is this cake for a cousin or Him (pointing up)?"  Me: "HIM"   She smiled and said that's awesome!    It is Jesus' birthday. We all get cake on our birthday, so why can't he??
and yes we also sang Happy Birthday!  Jagger just asked me the other day if we are going to be giving Jesus a birthday party again this year! Yes of course we are! ;)

*Ringing the Bell-  You know that bell with the red bucket that you always hear around Christmas?  It's normally outside of Wal-Mart or other department stores. Sometimes you try to avoid it because the people get on your nerves or you think it's just another thing wanting your money!! Wrong! We love this bell, and it is a MUST on our list every year!! This last year was the first time Jagger got to ring the bell with us! He had a blast ringing that bell as fast as he could! (We might need bell ringing lessons!)  So the next time you see or hear the Salvation Army Bell, drop some money it! You won't be sorry!!

*Pictures with Santa- This is a biggie for Jagger! Every year we go to the same Santa taken! Its funny because the Santa we see is the only one that Jagger thinks is REAL! He says all the other Santas are just old men dressed up! :)  Hudson refused to see Santa this year so I figured I would not put him through the torture (maybe I can photo shop him in!)

I can't wait to see this year's photo!! I know it will be precious!

* Christmas cards- I am a huge Christmas card person! I love sending and receiving Christmas cards! I swear everyday when I go to the mailbox, I am like a small kid in a candy store! I can't hardly wait to open up and see how many are in there! Ok..I need everyone reading to send me a Christmas card! ;) Every year I try and come up with a cute card!
 My favorite!! This year's card probably won't top this but I am super excited about it! I can't wait to share it!

This year we are going to try a new tradition.I thought it would be a lot of fun for Jagger to make some cards that are just from him! Cards for the grandparents. Cards for friends. Cards for his teachers. For whoever he wants! We're going to use the cute Christmas cards at Treat by Shutterfly. He has already picked out a few cards he wants to design, and once the card is designed, the rest is up to them! Treat will print and deliver the cards to  all of Jagger's lucky list! Easy enough for us, and what Grandparent doesn't love getting a card from their Grandbaby??

I can't end the tradition list without naming some of  our smaller traditions that we can't do without... *Christmas movies- The Grinch, Polar Express, Rudolph, Frosty, Home Alone, The Santa Clause, and for the Adults: Christmas Vacation is a must, Four Christmases and Christmas with the Kranks!
*Christmas Eve breakfast at Gigi and Pa's- This of course started when Matthew and I got married. We always go to his mom and dad on Christmas eve for a big breakfast!
*Christmas Ornament- Every year since I was a baby, my mom has gotten me a dated ornament from Hallmark! This is something she has now passed on to my boys! She takes all of us to Hallmark and we pick out our "special ornament"! This is a very special time for us and something we all look forward to!

As you can see our family has many traditions for the Christmas season! I have learned over the years that traditions can come and go, but knowing that I am surrounded by family and that Jesus is the Reason for the Season makes every Christmas season special!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

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