Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Baby 1 and Baby 2!

The last couple of days I have really been cracking up over all the difference in Jagger and Hudson! not only in personality but also in the way we do things! Not saying we parent them different, but it is amazing how much more relaxed you are with Baby 1 than you are with Baby 2! 
First, lets talk about personality!
Baby 1 (Jagger)
*needy! Jagger needs us! He still can't get very far from his mommy and daddy! He has always been very attached to us!

*shy- Jagger is more shy about things. It takes him a few minutes to warm up!

*tender hearted- Jagger is so sweet and tender hearted! He is the one who wants to pray for everyone. He loves to cuddle and be cuddled. At night time, if you are laying down beside him, he is rubbing your arm or face!! Just sweet!

*not sure what the word is for this, but when Jagger was little I hardly ever had to get onto him. If we ever told him "no", he instantly quit and probably got his feelings hurt that we had to tell him no! He was such an easy baby....

*always on the go! Doesn't like to sleep..says its boring!! ;)

Baby 2(Hudson)
*very independent!! While Jagger is 6 and would let Matthew and I wait on him hand-and-foot, Mr.Independent here wants to do everything by himself! And if you don't let him......well, you better stand back because all "you know what" breaks loose! Talk about a fit! He loves to feed himself. He loves to put his shoes on. He loves to pick up his toys. He just likes his independence!

*Out-going! This boy doesn't meet a stranger! Walking down the mall, he is waving and saying "Hey" to everyone! He will go to anyone and doesn't cry when we leave him! (We couldn't leave Jagger in the church nursery without a Huge breakdown! Hudson basically kicks us out the door!)

*Tough! he is a tough one........He falls down and gets back up again! Big brother is kind of the drama king when it comes to this, but Hudson is ready to go again! If you try to hug him to make it better, he is pushing you off trying to get away! ;) I laugh because he doesn't cry when he gets shots! I am thinking he is just use to it because he had SO many during that 1st year he is just immune!

*hard-headed.....If we tell Hudson "no", he looks at us and says "NO"! Discipline for him has been extremely hard!! He doesn't care if you say no, swat his hand, sit him in timeout! He is a rebel!

Even with such different personalities they love each other so much! Hudson thinks his big brother hung the moon! It is so sweet! He wakes up and says, "where is my Jagger?"
Now with personalities out of the way, lets discuss parenting...With Baby 1, you are so nervous about being a parent. You are learning how to be a parent! You think everything has to be perfect!
Baby 1:
*had to have all the baby gear!! We had EVERYTHING for Jagger..and thought we couldn't raise a baby without all the stuff!
*perfectly done nursery- Jagger's nursery was all done and put together 2 months before he came!
*never wanted to leave him
*heaven forbid he fall down or get hurt
*nap times meant no NOISE....please keep quit..sleeping baby!
*What to Expect book was the baby raising bible!
*used baby detergent, certain soaps, very particular cleaning bottles, pacifiers, (boiling them), etc...
*always read books!
*try to feed him a well balanced meal!!!

Baby 2:
* nursery still not done!! (nothing on the walls, pretty much still use as spare bedroom)
*who has time to wash laundry in different detergent???? (boil bottles??? if it falls on the ground, pick it up, wipe it off and give it to him! Trying to build his immune system right??)
*hardly bought anything "new" and some of this is because we were in the hospital for so long! But you realize how much you don't need!! and now that he is older he would rather have Jagger's toys!
*pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner??? ok....I just want you to eat!(jk..but some days it feels like this!)
*Leave him.....Who wants to babysit?
*Didn't do anything by the book with this one.....it will happen when it happens!
*Nap time! please let their be some noise so he can sleep anywhere!

Well there you have it!! Life with 2 kiddos! So now I have to ask, What are the differences in your kids??? Are there things that you do different with Baby 2 then Baby 1?

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

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  1. I love the differences between the first and second baby. I can totally see myself doing that. I just think about having kids and my head goes crazy, but I'm sure once I have kids it'll be less need for all the things.

    You two are great parents and I love that your kids love each other, that's all that matters right?