Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What I Am Wearing!!

Woohooo....It's hump day! This week is almost over! Jagger gets out of school early and I am excited but at the same time dreading it because the child gets bored if he is not CONSTANTLY doing something and that something does not include tv! He is not a tv watcher! So I am trying to come up with stuff for us to do to keep him busy!!! lately I have really been trying to "shop" out of my closet! I am trying to use old stuff in new ways! It cracks me up because Matthew has been asking me if I am buying new clothes! Ummm, no! I am just changing the way I wear it! It has actually been fun putting together new outfits!

I have had this sweater for almost 4 years now and it is one of my favorites, but I am sucker for anything animal print!! Here lately, I get so excited about mixing prints! It is some thing that use to be a "no-no", so I feel like such a rebel, but it looks so cute!! I love how I could throw on the blanket scarf and it completely changed the look of this outfit!
 Plaid makes me happy..bottom line!! statement necklaces make me excited! leopard belt makes me jump up and down!! put them all together= Be still my heart!!! This was all old stuff I had except for the leopard belt that I got at Target back in December!
 This vest!!! It cracks me up that I have had this vest since October and have worn it more in the last two weeks!! I decided to change it up a bit....last week I wore it with plaid and converse!

 and this week I decided to throw it on with a brown sweater and statement necklace! I was pleasantly surprised! ;)
 Stripes! You can never go wrong with stripes! I really wanted to pair this shirt with a floral scarf but for some reason my closet does not have one, so I thought this vintage bird scarf would work! I found this scarf at a vintage store in St. Louis! It is so light weight and airy! The perfect combo for a casual look!!

and today is spent wearing PJS!!!!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!
Lots of love...


  1. I'm living your leopard sweater. I am a sucker for anything animal print! And girl I wish pajamas were acceptable attire in public!!!

  2. oooooh I love the leopard sweater with the big scarf. soooooo cute!! And we are having a pj day at the house today but don't tell anyone! ;)

    1. I thought I was going to have a full day in pjs but I had to run to the store...I am home now back in pjs!! :)

  3. All super cute choices! Love the plaid and leopard in the first pick...I totally would never have gone there and it's presh

    1. me it was totally out of the box for me!!! but I was pumped that I tried it!