Tuesday, February 17, 2015

One Boy, One Girl, and A Shoe Store!

Happy Snow Day!!! Today I am linking up with Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday and it is all about how you met your mate!! 

 A lot of people wonder how we got together! I mean how does some random "Arkansas" girl end up with a good-lookin' homegrown small town southern boy?? No..our story is really one for the books! 
It all started while I was working at Aldo! I worked all the time!!! and when i mean all the time..50 hours a week at times or more! I loved the store and I had no time for anything else...I had a few girlfriends that I would hang out with, but as far as dating...nope not for me! and plus I have always been one that wasn't into serious relationships.....I don't know if it is because I am super picky or just never found anyone I wanted to be with! So anyways, it was right around Halloween...maybe the week before...I was working in the store by myself (it was daytime) and two guys walk by and smile! I smile and wave! -This is nothing out of the ordinary.....about 5 minutes went by and here they come in the store! I greeted them and ask if I could help them find anything! They told me they were looking for Halloween ideas! Well....this is a shoe store?? nothing here but I can show you some great shoes!!! We stood around and talked and I ended up selling one of them a pair of boots! The whole time these guys were in the store, I would catch myself staring at one!  I was stumbling around acting like a goof! He was gorgeous...had the prettiest eyes and amazing smile! He for sure made my heart skip a few beats! After they left, I was kind of sad because I knew I would never see them again and I didn't even get a name!  Oh well...life goes on! ;) 
A few weeks later on a Saturday while we were super busy, I look up and who do I see.....the gorgeous guy that had came in with his friend! I was shocked! We ended up talking and I am pretty sure he bought some shoes....I still didn't get his name! Every Saturday for months he would come in and we would just stand around and talk! We never knew each other names or anything! I wanted him to ask me on a date so bad I couldn't hardly stand it! I guess he wasn't interested! After he would leave the store...all of us girls would giggle and run over to his receipt and try to decipher his awful signature! I wanted to know his name! I told the girls and my mom he was the man of my dreams and I would marry him! They thought I was crazy and mostly shocked because I didn't ever talk about marriage! 
It was the weekend of Thanksgiving...one of the busiest weekends in retail! The store was jam packed of people...I was running like a crazy person trying to help all the customers, I look up and there "he" is! I was so excited but sad because we were so busy I knew there was no way we could talk! it was pretty much one of those hey how are you? quick things...He knew I was busy so he ended up leaving the store before I could say bye! I was standing at the cash register with a huge line to check out and I see him walk back in the store straight up to the cash register and while I am checking this lady out...He says...Can I call you and take you out to eat!!!! HALLELUJAH!!! Its about time! The lady I was checking out was super sweet....she looked at me and smiled and said girl you better give him your number! I gave him my name and number on the back of a receipt! 
Matthew says I was the most expensive girl he has ever had! He spent more money on shoes to get my number, but he says it was all worth it! After that day, we talked on and off....I was in between switching jobs and doing some soul searching! On New Years Day, I had not heard from him in a few weeks and I randomly get a text message from him that says ...I have to see you again, I feel there is something there and I want to be with you...Please lets get together and if things don't work we can go our own ways! The crazy thing is I had just got done talking to mom about him...she had ask me how the guy from Missouri was??? I said I had no clue but I would love to know...and then he sent me the text message! 
well, pretty much from that point on the rest is history! We have been married for 7 great years! Marriage has not been a walk in the park! It has been a growing and learning experience! Matthew and I have been through good days, bad days, and all the others in between, but with each one we just get that much closer! I thank God everyday for Matthew, and I can't wait to see what plans God has for us in the years to come! 

yea...very pregnant here!

So I have to ask...How did you meet your mate?? 
Hope everyone has a blessed day!! Please stay safe and warm if you are having to get out in this Winter Mess! 
Lots of love..


  1. WHat a cute story!! I love it :)

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  2. What a sweet story! You guys are adorable together!


  3. This is seriously one of the sweetest love stories I have ever heard! Like Hallmark movie channel worthy! Loved it, thanks for sharing!

  4. Okay...this is my favorite. Seriously...the guy stalked a shoe store for you. He is a keeper. Oh...and could you two be any more adorable together? Seriously!! I love it! And you are in Missouri?! I used to live in Missouri! Now I am just 30 minutes away. Where at in Missouri are you from?

    1. Wait...he is from Missouri..you are from Arkansas. my bad. :)