Monday, February 16, 2015

Recap: Valentines Day!

I love long weekend, and especially ones that have a "Holiday" fall on them!! Our Valentine weekend started on Friday with Jagger's school party! He woke up so excited about his Valentine party and even more excited that I was getting to come! I am so so grateful that I am able to be involved in his school parties and other things that go on! I remember being little wishing my mom could come to our school parties and go on field trips, but since she worked she couldn't ever come!
That morning, Hudson and I ran some errands before it was time to party! I had to finish up my Valentine "prizes", as Jagger calls it!
After our errands, I ran this cutie patootie to Gigi's so I could go party! Isn't he sweet??? or at least looking sweet!!

Party time!! Matthew decided to meet me at the party! I love how excited all the kids get when anyone comes to their room! The Valentine party was a ice cream sundae party! The kids got all kinds of topping to put on their ice cream sundae! I love this so much more than them having 14 different snacks to eat, and more than half of them get wasted!

Always acting silly!! This boy!

 They each got a brownie, chocolate cookies, ice cream and then we passed around chocolate syrup and sprinkles! The kids loved it!

 Jagger's Valentine!! I know parents were loving us! and what is so funny about this we NEVER let Jagger have Mountain Dew! I am wondering if this is why he was so insistent on getting them! It was a huge treat for him!

After the party, the hubs and I grabbed some lunch, Wendy's style! It was nice  to sit down and have a 10 minute conversation without being interrupted 100 times!
When Jagger got home from school, we spent the rest of the afternoon sorting through Valentines! He had a blast getting to read all of his Valentines! It brought back so many memories for myself!

Saturday: I had already decided I wanted to do something special for all the boys since Valentine's fell on a Saturday! We wouldn't have to get up and rush to get ready for school and work! I wanted to enjoy our Valentine morning! I figured I would make them a special Valentine breakfast, complete with heart shaped cinnamon rolls and Strawberry milk!

The boys, including daddy, were all surprised and excited!! Each one had their own spot, with their Valentine prizes out and ready! It was an awesome Valentine breakfast! I think it will be a yearly thing!

It was really sweet because they also surprised me with roses and my new bag! It hasn't come in yet, but I am super pumped! I can't wait to share it with yall!

After breakfast it was time to get ready for our sweet girl, Hadley's 4th birthday party! The birthday party was a complete success especially since Princess Elsa showed up!!! All the little girls were going crazy! Jagger refused to get his picture made with her! Sticks in the mud! ;)
When the party was over, it was time for an awesome Saturday nap! and believe me it was much needed! Then we ended the night with friends and pizza!! I can't think of a better way to spend my Valentine!

Sunday: Hudson and I slept in, while the big boys went to church! We should have went and I felt bad we didn't but it seems like every child in our church is sick, so I figured we would just hang out at home!!! Jagger was so excited about the snow coming that he could not concentrate on anything else! Every 10 minutes he was wanting to see the radar. Matthew decided we better run to Wal-Mart and get diapers and milk! Boy was that a mistake! Everyone and their brother was getting ready for the Snow Apocalypse that was coming because you know people in the South go into a full blown panic when bad weather is coming!!! Thankfully, Wal-Mart still had diapers in stock! I did manage to grab some bread, and peanut butter! If all else fails, we can live off bread, peanut butter, and milk! oh and some nutella!!
The rest of the day was pretty boring! Just looking at the radar and looking outside! We feel asleep in the chair giggling about playing in the snow!!

 and let me tell you we had one happy little boy when he woke up this morning!! Thank goodness it did snow! ;) Jesus would have been in trouble if it wouldn't have!

I'm going to end with some of the e-card/memes that I found on the "snow storm"!!! These things crack me up!!

Hope everyone has a blessed snow day!!!
Lots of love..


  1. Weather across the states sure is different. Yesterday everyone and their mother was at the beach in San Diego! I love the heart-shaped cinnamon rolls. Yum!

  2. Your boys are so stinkin' cute! You're such a lucky momma. :-)

    That NY vs ATL picture cracked me up! That's so how it is here. Everyone was freaking out today b/c the weather hit 30-degrees. People left work early b/c they were afraid of the roads. I get it though b/c Atlanta doesn't salt the roads which makes them hard to drive on.