Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Groundhog Day!

Today I am linking up with sweet Andrea to talk about Groundhog Day! Most people think  about the groundhog that predicts if we are going to suffer through 6 more weeks of winter or move on to spring! I actually forgot about Groundhogs day this year, but Jagger informed me that he did see his shadow and that meant 6 more weeks! Boo....but what does a groundhog know??

I am for sure not going to talk about 6 weeks of winter...so lets talk about a day that we would repeat over and over!!

I honestly had a hard time with this! It has taken me all day to figure out what my day would be! I have had so many awesome moments that I would for sure hit the repeat button (laying my eyes on both boys for the first time, the day we got married, the day Jagger got to meet Hudson for the first time, lazy days, busy days, and everything in between!) but the times that I keep going back to our when we are on the Beach!! For some reason when our family is at the Beach we are in complete and total RELAX mode!! It's like we hit Mobile, Alabama and the switch turns on..We are all happy. We have no worries. We all get along. No whining. No complaining.. We almost forget about real life!!

One of my favorite things about being at the beach is spending time with God. There is nothing like spending time in God's word while looking at a beautiful scenery!! The waves, the sun coming up, the dolphins jumping.....Take me back right now!

After everyone gets up we make our way to the beach and stay there until we are tired! We don't really have a schedule and basically do whatever we want!
We have only taken Hudson to the beach once and he was not crazy about it! I am anxious to take him this year to see if he will like it! I am hoping he will love the beach as much as we do!! If not I may not want to hit the repeat button! ;)

This was in the spring of last year...the water and sand was freezing but guess who was still playing in the water!!
 It's funny because I was pregnant in this picture!! We got married on the beach and made our baby announcement on the beach!

 This was Jagger's first trip to the beach!! He ran the whole time!!! It was so sweet!

 and last but not least...the wedding day!!!  such a relaxing awesome day!!

so what day would you put on repeat??
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..


  1. What a great post!!!! This one was harder than I had planned so I put my own twist on it. Your family is beautiful and I agree---every time I am at the beach I feel closer to God. I think it is because I am in awe of knowing that he created every grain of sand and every drop of water in the vast ocean that I love to just stare out into. It brings me such calmness :)

    1. Hey Jenny!!! I LOVE your twist!!! I also have "moments" that I would love to put together to make one awesome day! and what you said about the beach is exactly how I feel...It blows my mind at his creation! So beautiful!

  2. This was a hard topic for sure! Loved your post!!!

  3. Love the idea of being at the beach! The pictures are gorgeous and your family is the most adorable thing ever. :)