Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What I Am Wearing!!

Happy Wednesday!!! I was so excited that the sun came out yesterday! It instantly made my mood better! ;) What is it about sunshine that makes people happy! I am so ready for spring!

Well, I have a feeling my closet from this last week is going to disappoint! I only got one decent outfit out of the whole week because this is what I have been living in...

sweats, sweats, pjs, and more sweats!!!! ummm...yes that is sweats with rubber boots! Hey, its real life down here! ;)
and the one decent outfit...

I just threw on a plain white tee, brown boots, brown scarf, and my black leather jacket!! I was warm and I love the black and brown together!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!
Lots of love...


  1. You look cute and comfy in your sweats and rubber boots. :)'

  2. So cozy and comfy! I'm a tad jealous....wishing I was home curled up in my pj's today!

  3. You are sooo cute! And obviously comfy cozy! And listen, when I'm not traveling, my outfits consist of going from one pair of pajamas to a clean pair before I go to bed. That's the reason I don't post "What I Wore"---lol :)

  4. Sweats and rubber boots...the best. I love a good comfy day but I was so excited to actually get dressed and go in public today. :)