Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What I am Wearing and Snow Day Photo Dump!!! ;)

Well we are having another snow day, but at least the sun is shining! I am so over winter! Bring on spring and summer!!
I am going to do the normal What I am wearing but at the end will be a huge photo dump from our snow day!! We have had so much fun playing in the snow the last two days! I have so enjoyed the laughter that has been shared with family and "our peoples"! Let's get started!!

Here is what my closet has been up to the last week!! I wore pjs and snow clothes 3 days, so I really didn't think y'all would be too interested in that! ;)

I was itching to wear something red since it was getting close to Valentines Day! I had a red sweater, but by itself it was boring and plus it was freezing outside! The only answer....layer!! The denim shirt has small white polka dots on it! I thought it turned out really cute under the red!! and I stayed warm! ;)
 Friday: I had Jagger's Valentine party at school and lots of errands to run, so I wanted to be warm but comfy! I have had this light pink sweater for several years, but don't wear that much! I was wanting to do pink instead of red since I wore red the day before! I threw it on with black jeans, brown boots, and pearls!! This was one of my favorite outfits!!
  Valentines Day: The only thing we had planned for Valentines' Day was our girl, Tootie's 4th Birthday! I had this sweatshirt with hearts on it that I had been saving for Valentine's Day! Super comfy!!!!
 Sunday: FREEZING!!!!! Layers people! Its the only way to go! :) My favorite vest and a red plaid scarf made being outside bearable!!!

That's all my closet has for you today! Hope you can find a little inspiration! ;)
Time for the snow day photo dump!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!! Stay Warm and be Safe!!!
Lots of love...

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