Thursday, April 12, 2012


Well...we made it home from the much dreaded allergist appointment! It went alot better than what I thought but things did NOT go how I expected!
This morning I woke up at 5 am because I needed to get my shower and make sure we were all ready to leave by 7:15. The whole time I was going through my "get ready" routine I was in constant prayer! I was not looking forward to my sweet baby boy hurting, and especially when there is nothing you can do! All of you momma's have gone through this feeling when taking your babies to get shots! Its awful! Jagger woke up with a smile on his face so that made me feel so much better! We had a great trip down. He really showed no sign of being nervous until we were waiting and even then he was smiling! He was more impatient than anything! We go back in the room to get settled, and then the nurse comes in to get the story on what is going on! She was super nice!! After a few minutes, she tells me to start preparing myself because this is going to be horrible. She explains to me that I will have to hold him down, and that kids go CRAZY! She says that she will have to prick him 20 times and that he can not touch it when they are done! Immediately, I start to have a fast heartbeat...I am getting beyond nervous! I can NOT stand knowing my baby is going to be in pain! The nurse even tells me that if I start to cry to just look at her and that we would get through this..she tells me all this then leaves the room! I went straight to God. I was holding Jagger, praying and trying not to loose it right there! After a quick prayer, it was like God came down on me and gave me immediate peace. Jagger was even smiling! The nurse comes back and says its time to go! Jagger has to sit in my lap with his back facing her, and she tells me to grip him very tightly and hold his head! I do this and the whole time I am telling him how much I love him because by this time he is getting a little anxious! She cleans his back and then takes a purple marker and makes 20 marks. Then she says its time..she starts taking the little plastic things out and poking him.....HE DOES NOT FLINCH!!!!!!!! cry..nothing! but me..I started getting light headed! I do not do needles or anything in the medical field! The nurse just keeps on praising Jagger ,saying how great he is doing,  how proud she is of him and while she is saying this I am telling her I am getting sick! She finally finishes and I was almost in tears because he did so good, but I am getting sicker! The room is spinning by this point. I ask the nurse if Matts grandma can come in the room and she says sure! Matthew's grandma walks in the room, takes Jagger and that is the last thing I remember!!!!!! I wake up to her shaking me and saying Megan over and over!!! I BLACKED OUT!!! WHAT????? I could not believe this!!After I came to, I almost threw up, the room was spinning and I was so pouring sweat! I laid down on the bed and a few minutes later it all passed! I think the nurse was in shock because I was not even the patient! Jagger was better off than me! ;) The doctor was laughing and telling me in the 20 years he has been doing this, he has never had a family member black out!!! WOW!!!! I don't know what happened? low blood sugar, just a build up of anxiety, craziness??? I have no clue! We have laughed about it all day!!!! All the prayers I sent up for Jagger, I guess I forgot to include myself! but good news..Jagger is allergic to grass, weeds, and several other things! he will be on daily medicine but he said that since he was a baby they would not put him through aggressive treatment (shots) just yet!!! I was very happy with the results!
After the crazy doctor visit, we took Jagger to Chuck E Cheese and he had a blast! He played so good and he even ate 3 pieces of pizza! Once we had an overload on Chuck E Cheese, we ran to Target and JcPenney! I was disappointed in Target! I did not find anything! :(

purple marks where they poked him!

He was so happy that he got to meet Chuck E!!!

My new rug!!! Thank you Pier 1 gift card!!! I love Pier 1!

I am SO HAPPY about this one! $20 at JcPenney!!!

I think today was definitely something we will laugh about for along time!
Hope everyone has had a blessed day!

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