Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

While I sit here at the kitchen table eating "figure friendly" French Toast and drinking my wonderful cup of coffee, I can not stop thinking about this Easter! It was the best Easter I have EVER had! It was a busy weekend, but I am so grateful for it! I would go back and do it again! It all started with Good Friday. After work on Friday, I met my family at the church for the Lords Supper!  It was a different service than we are use to! It was open from 5-7 and you come and go as you can! When you first walk in you sign in, then there was a table with a big hollowed out cross and in it was the bread! After you get your bread you walk into the sanctuary! and that is where the tears started! It was BEAUTIFUL!! There were Easter flowers everywhere and at the alter was a HUGE cross! We stood in line while each family went down to the cross! Worship music was playing, and on the big screen were instructions! When you got to the cross, you knelt with your family. First, take the bread, then drink the juice! Then you prayer with your family at the foot of the cross! I cried almost the whole time! It was the most humbling experience, and I love even more that it was with our family! So special to me! I could not have asked for a better Good Friday!
Saturday, Mom left! I was sad to see her go but I know she needed to get home! After she left, we went and ate lunch with Matthew's family and then after we dyed eggs! I love to dye eggs! Once we finished the eggs, we came home to rest for alittle bit, then we went to eat supper at Gigi and Pa's! At Gigi and Pa's we had an Easter Egg hunt! Jagger loved it! We went home pretty early because we all had to get up early for church!
Sunday- I got up at 5 because I decided to go to the Sonrise Service! It was outside in the field beside our Family Life Center! There were several people there and during the service the sun was behind a cloud! We did the Lord's Supper and when we got back to our seats, our pastor prayed and right when he said Amen, the sun came out from behind the clouds! It was absolutely gorgeous! (I have tears just thinking about it!) It was like God just wanted to say that he was there with us!! ;) After the service I ran home to get Jagger up so he could see if the Easter Bunny had left him anything! I had been telling Jagger that the Easter Bunny works for Jesus and if he was a good boy then Jesus would tell the Easter Bunny to stop by our house and put some "goodies" in Jaggers basket! All day on Saturday, he kept asking me if I would tell Jesus he had been a good boy!!! (I love the mind of a 3 year old!) I had to drag him out of bed, but once he saw his basket he had the biggest grin on his face! Once he got done looking through his basket it was time to get ready! We all got ready and it was off to church! I had to work the Welcome Center! I enjoy it because I get to see everyone! It was such a happy morning at church, and I was so happy to see so many people! Our church was full! I think we ran out of seats in the sanctuary! Our service was different this year! We did a combined service with music! The choir was mixed with the worship band! It was so awesome! There was such a great response from it! They did two traditional songs and then two worship songs! and then at the front of the sanctuary the cross was there wrapped in chicken wire! At the beginning of the service, every person got a white carnation! Every single person, got to walk down to the cross and put the carnation on the cross! By the time it was done, the entire cross was covered and it was breath-taking!
After church, we went to Grandma Betty's and ate lunch! Once we finished lunch, we celebrated Uncle David's birthday, then it was time for our Egg hunt! We all get one egg and inside the egg is the clue to your next egg! You keep finding eggs until you find your basket! It is alot of fun! After the egg hunt, it was time for a nap! We were exhausted from such a busy weekend!

dying eggs!

Easter baskets for Jaggers friends!

Peeps smores!!

Fruity pebble rice krispy treats for the kids baskets!

Easter egg hunt!

The Easter bunny came!!
Jagger would not take off his sunglasses!
Waiting on lunch!
We like to act silly!!
I just can not stop thanking God for such a great Easter weekend!! It is definitely one I will always remember!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!!!

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  1. I love the silly picture, and I'm so glad that you had such a blessed weekend! :)