Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Yay...Its Wednesday!

I'm LOVING that Friday night my amazing hubby and I are going on a date! We are going to watch the play that the high school is putting on- Annie! We can't wait and its even more special that our sweet Allyson is going to be in it!! I know she will be great! ;)

I'm LOVING my $8 find from the consignment store today!
I can always use anything green around the house!

I'm LOVING that my shoulder is starting to feel better! Thank you biofreeze! ;) I know Matthew is tired of the smell!

I'm LOVING all Boca products! A few months ago I decided to try the boca burger and guess what??? we loved it!!! and then today Matthew and I both had the chicken! It was even better than the burger! If Matthew says that it is good then its good! He is super picky!!! and they are less than half the fat of regular burgers/chicken! You should give it a won't be sorry!

I'm LOVING robes!! I know, I am probably weird! I think I wear a robe almost everyday! I love to get up in the morning and put a robe on! I have summer robes and winter robes! They are just so comfy!!!
I'm LOVING the new series I have started! The Shenandoah Series by Michael Phillips! Its awesome! Its about two little girls back in 1860, one is a member of the slave family and the other girl is daughter of the plantation owner!

and of course I'm LOVING my Heavenly Father, Matthew and my sweet little "Power Ranger"
He was protecting me from the bad guys!!! ;)

Link up with Jamie and tell us what you are loving!! Hope you have had a blessed Wednesday!


  1. All wonderful things to be loving, especially the fact that your shoulder is feeling better! That makes me happy for you :)

  2. I"m a robe girl too! :)

    And yay for the Biofreeze working. I have bad back issues and I keep some with me at all times. It smells terrible, but it WORKS!