Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Last 2 Days!

The last 2 days have been great!! I am sad that this weekend is almost over! I think I say that every weekend! They just go by way too fast! Friday morning, Jagger went to daycare. He is doing so great!! He doesn't cry anymore! It makes life so much better! I am still covering him in prayers everyday before I drop him off, I am thinking that has alittle something to do with it! :) Aunt Claire was home so he was wanting her to come and get him from school! He was so excited when she said she could! While Jagger was at daycare, I became alittle crafty! When we went to the beach, we came home with sand and lots of shells! I had no clue what to do with him, so they have been in a box in the attic! Finally I figured out what to do with them and here is what I came up with.....
My husband is very upset that I am putting this on here because he says he is fat in the pictures that are in the jar! ????
I just need to finish it up with ribbon around the top!!! I was so happy with it and of course it was Pinterest inspired! I love getting neat ideas on there! So many creative people out there!
I had to go to work at 1, so I met Matthew for a lunch date. We enjoy our lunch dates together because we can actually talk without being interrupted!! Its a nice change here and there! Work was pretty boring! The market is alittle slow right now, but that is ok! Its all in Gods hand and he knows what is best! I was so excited for work to be over because we were going on a date to see the High School performance of Annie! and Allyson is in it! It started at 7, so we met Uncle David, Aunt Juju, Grandma Betty and Pa Don in the lobby at 645. It was fun to see everyone and get to visit for a few minutes! The play lasted around 3 hours but it was AMAZING!!! They did a fantastic job! I am very thankful that Cheryl watched Jagger so that we could go!
This morning we all slept in because of the long night! Once we got up and around, I made pancakes then started in on laundry! We met the family for lunch around 1130 then we have done alot of nothing the rest of the day! This afternoon we did go on a walk. We walked 2 miles and then I jogged around 1/2 mile without stopping! I was so happy because that is the first time I have done anything because my knee! My knee is alittle sore but not anything horrible! Once we got back, I started supper! Our supper tonight was awesome- probably one of the best meals I have ever cooked! was that good! I made Blackened Grilled Chicken with a Cajun Bowtie Pasta!!
After enjoying an amazing supper, we are now fixing to watch a movie! We rented Tower Heist! I have not heard anything about it so I am not even sure what its going to be like! I hope good...
Well..I am going to get off here and enjoy watching a movie!
Hope everyone had a blessed Saturday!


  1. What a wonderful weekend. I always say the weekends go way to fast. I love the beach jar you made.

  2. That dinner looks so tasty! You're making me hungry! And I think it's funny that he thinks he looks fat. The picture is so tiny, how would we know if he looks fat or not :) Great keepsake!