Sunday, April 15, 2012

Southern Weekend!

This has been a great weekend! I am sad that it is ending! Friday night was our trip to the farm and then on Saturday, Jagger and I went to Jonesboro to spend the day with Matthew's dad and Kim! Matthew worked on the farm all day so we thought that we would go see them instead of sitting around the house and Kim had told me to bring my sewing machine and she would help me out! I was so excited because I made a pillow!!!! Trust me, it is nothing special but I am very proud of myself! Jagger loves the pillow...He has been using it to sit on while we watches TV! At least it serves a purpose!! :)
My little round pillow!

I used two different prints! Shabby Chic! ;)

 We hung out all day with them! We really didn't do anything special. The weather was so nice that we just laid out by their pool and enjoyed the sunshine! I did sneak off and go alittle furniture shopping! We have been wanting a leather couch because what we have is so hard to take care of especially with little ones! I found two I really like so hopefully in the next few weeks The Cohn house will have a new couch! Here are my top two....I wish I could bring them home and see what they look like in the room! :)

Today we have not done much! Just enjoyed the day! It has been so windy here. I think tonight we are going to get some storms! I know we are really needing some rain! We have already had to start watering our yard, and my plants have been thirsty! Today I was looking at our house and I love this kind of weather! I love living in the South because in the summer my two favorite plants are....

Tonight, we went over to Grandma Betty's to eat pizza! Even though they were only gone one day, Jagger was so excited to see them! You would have thought we hadn't seen them in a week! While we were waiting on the pizza, Jagger and Grandma went outside. About 5 minutes later, Betty is yelling at the door for Pa CP and Matthew! Her and Jagger had found this....
A SNAKE!!! I about DIED!! I HATE snakes! Pa CP got the shovel and killed it! I was about to throw up! I was just thankful that it didn't hurt Jagger or Betty! I would be just fine if we didn't see anymore snakes the rest of the year! One is enough! After supper, Matthew, Jagger and I stuck around to visit with Pa and Grandma. We all just sat outside and enjoyed the awesome weather! We sat outside until it got dark and then Jagger wanted to go inside!
My sweet boy!

Acting silly for the camera!

Now we are at home sitting on the couch watching cartoons, and waiting for it to start storming! I don't think it will be long until we are all ready for bed- or at least I hope! :)
Hope everyone had a super blessed weekend!

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