Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And Down We Go!

Well the roller coaster went down, down, down today! This was one of the crappiest days we have had, or maybe it just seems that way! It all started with the dreaded phone call in the middle of the night. This is the call to tell you something is wrong and they only call you during this time. We have learned no news is good news, and when they do call it makes you sick to your stomach. So anyways, we get the call saying his CO2 levels were pretty bad and that he was really struggling to breathe so they had to put the breathing tube back in. Not what I wanted to hear. I couldn't sleep after this so I got up to the hospital around 6am. The doctor came in and told me that they were going to try and figure out why he had such a bad night. They decided to run blood cultures to see if the pneumonia is still there. They had also done a chest xray which came back showing that the left and right lung was partially collapsed! Again.. Not what I am wanting to hear and mind you I am here alone. At this point I am not quiet in a panic. Around 7am our primary nurse, Lisa came in! I am so happy she was here with us today. During rounds, the doctor decided to run an echocardiogram to check the PDA in his heart. (FYI- A PDA is a disorder in the heart where one of the major blood vessels does not close off. With a normal birth this closes off within a couple of days. The treatment for this is a round of meds and if this does not work they will perform surgery*) They also had found out one of the cultures was already growing an infection so the doctor decided to start antibiotics. Once all this was done we thought we were good for the day except for some of the blood tests they had ordered. Hudson had a different plan. His breathing was up and down all day. He would go from 100 to 40 in no time, and finally around 4 he decided to code on us. I knew immediately it was time to leave the room. All I could do was cry and pray. Thankfully my sister in law was walking in the door at the same time! Thank you Claire for being here right when I needed someone! Also during this time the nurse practioner tells me that Hudson does have a PDA and its open! Booooo not what I was wanting to hear either! They talked to me about surgery and everything that will happen. We are not 100% sure if he will have to gave surgery right now. We will know tonight or tomorrow. So as of right now they are wanting him to rest and try to get his breathing under control. His poor lungs just need a rest! My heart hurts for him. I wish I was laying there instead of him.
It has been a pretty horrible day but I am thanking God we have just made it through. Tomorrow is a new day and I am praying that Hudson can rest and heal.

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  1. Praying hard for you girl! Such a rough day and I'm so sorry that you and Hudson are having to deal with so much. Praying for a great day tomorrow!