Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Today my heart aches for my friend Michele and her baby boy Jackson! We have become good friends at Ronald McDonald! Jackson is not doing well and is basically given no hope. Tonight when she texted me, her and her husband were spending time loving on that baby! I am so happy they are given that chance! She is a wonderful woman and has a sweet family so please continue to pray for them!
My dad has been here with me over the last few days and he has just continue to make comments about how children/babies shouldn't be aloud to suffer and just how sad it is that there so many sick babies.....My answer everytime: Yes, dad is sucks but unfortunately it will continue to happen until we get to Heaven!! Won't that be wonderful! No tears and no sickness in heaven! Wow!!!
Today was a pretty quite day! Tomorrow will be the echo to look at his heart. I keep praying that God will perform a miracle and the PDA will be closed but if its not I know its all in his plan! Dad and I went and ate at a super cool place called Blueberry Hill- voted best hamburger in St. Louis! And yes it was amazing! This place is really old and has tons of music memorabilia. They also play alot of Elvis Music which I love! We then hit up the Disney store and got the boys a few "goodies"! My dad's thing is getting Hudson Disney stuffed animals for his room! So far we have Pooh, Mickey and Piglet! They are so cute and Hudson is fascinated by them when you put them up to his incubator so he can see them! We crack up! He always smiles at Mickey!
The rest of the day was pretty quiet! Dad and I read books while Hudson rested!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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