Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oh Hudson!

I'm telling you, this little boy likes to keep us all worked up! I can tell he loves attention already! Right when I think we can breathe he likes to stir things up again! This weekend has been pretty good! Gigi, Pa, Jagger, Aunt Claire and Matthew have been here to visit. Hudson really didn't have anything major going on until this morning and last night. Last night when I called to check on him the nurse said he was not acting to good. I was kind of bummed but hoped by morning it would get better. This morning first thing Matthew called to check because we were not going to go up there until we picked my dad up from the airport! Wrong! Lisa, our primary nurse, said he was having a bad morning! My heart immediately sank and all I could think about was getting up there as soon as possible! But then i was also sad because I didn't want to leave Jagger! We get up to the hospital and he is stable! He had been having several episodes! These are not fun and I don't like being around when they happen! I feel so helpless standing there watching when my baby's heartrate drops to nothing and his oxygen is super low in the teens. I run out of the room and start praying! Its kind of become a joke between me and Lisa! Lisa is amazing!!!! I will tell all about her in another post! :) so anyways she goes on to say he had a couple of episodes and his xray was hazy looking, but at the moment he is ok! While we wait on the doctor to round, I am waiting on my dad to land at the airport and guess what its storming!!! And he is on an 8 seater plane! AND in Hudson's room we have no service! So I'm stuck in his room waiting on the doctor, trying to fund out about dad to make sure he was ok. For about 30 minutes I really wanted to scream! But finally dad landed safely and the doctor came in. They decided to go ahead and do a blood transfusion hoping he would feel better and this would help with the PDA in his heart! This will be his 4th transfusion since we have been in! He is up in his weight but we know its not correct because of all his swelling! They are giving him several rounds of lasix to try and get rid of all the fluid. So other than this nothing else major is happening. We will hopefully know Wednesday if they will do surgery! Still praying PDA will close on its own without surgery.
Also while we have been here I have made a good friend! Her name is Michele and she is from Paragould which is super close to where we live! She is a wonderful Christian woman who I care alot for. Her baby boy Jackson is not doing well. They need lots of prayers. Please check out her page on Facebook-Jackson's Journey!
I have learned and am learning everyday that all we can do is pray. In this situation, as a parent there is literally nothing you can do but pray. Doctors and nurses do everything for your baby and God is in control of the situation. You can't change anything. You just have to,pray and accept whatever happens- good or bad! Its all so hard and frustrating but we just have to trust him and know he is here with us and that his plan is for the best!
Hope everyone has a blessed night!

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