Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kids Say The Darndest Thing!!

This is my Jagger edition of Kids say the darndest things!! He has always been super funny and I could kick myself for not writing all of what he says down but tonight since he is with me I have to write about him!
* Jagger: "momma, what is that thing in daddy's throat that moves up and down?" Me: Adam's Apple! Jagger: Madams mapple?? Whats that? He gets quiet for about two seconds and before I can answer says, "I think it is a mouse in there!" Me: ok sounds good!!! A couple of days later he asks me if all boys have a mouse in their throats!!!

* We told Jagger we wanted to go eat at the Chessecake Factory and he was super excited! He had never been before! We walk in the doors, he looks around and says No I dont want to eat here! Where are the machines that make the cheese???

* Jagger: "Daddy, what are those sticks old people put in their mouth that are on fire?" Matthew: What? Jagger: what are those sticks old people put in their mouth thats on fire? Ricky and Everett(Grandpa's farm hands) at the farm put those sticks in their mouth!! Matthew: OH....sticks you should never try!! Cigarettes! We laughed so hard over this one!

* Jagger told Poppa that he got his own car! Pop ask what kind. Jagger tells him, " O, one that has all the windows busted out with trash bags taped to them to keep me warm!!"

* If we are talking sometimes Jagger will say, Guys can we change the subject?

* In the NICU to get in you have to have a badge and be over a certain age! This made Jagger very upset! We had told him he needed a photo id and be over 16 to get in! He walks up to the lady and tells her he is 16 and that he forgot his photo id in kennett! She cracked up!!!

There are so many more but my brain can't think! I love the mind of a child! The world would be a happy place if we could all think like them!
Please say an extra prayer for Hudson. He got his 2 month shots this morning and they say its really hard on them! He will probably not have a good day! :(
Hope everyone has a blessed day!

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