Friday, February 1, 2013

Just Breathe!!

And I wish I was talking about Faith Hill's song but I'm not! This are the words that baby boy's nurse was telling him while things started going down hill.....
Yesterday morning started out like a normal day. I woke up and got ready for the hospital. I was already nervous about the day because the doctor had decided this would be the day to take the breathing tube out and put him on Bubble Cpap- this is the least amount of help they can have and its just the small tubes that go in the nose! Its much more comfortable! But anyways, I was really nervous because I was afraid he was not ready but they didn't ask me what I think! :) Mom and I get to the hospital right in time for rounds and it was great because Lisa, our primary nurse, was back! She has been sick in the hospital so she hasn't been here! Lisa also did not think the bubble was a good idea but again what can we say?? The doctor comes around for rounds and says she put the order in and he is ready to go. Respiratory was in his room in no time with it out, and the cpap on! Everything went well and he was doing ok. Since he was doing ok mom and I decided to walk down to the chapel and sit there during Mass-I have never been to mass so this was an experience! We got done with Mass and came back to Hudson's room to get our stuff so we could go to lunch! We walked in the room, started gathering our stuff and all of a sudden Hudson's numbers slowly started dropping! So i just put my stuff down and sit on the couch. Normally they come back up but this time they didnt!! His heart rate plummeted and his oxygen level went almost to nothing. Lisa was in here thankfully and by this time she is picking him up, patting on the back, trying to get him to breathe.. I am in a panic now. I look over and my all I can see is Lisa picking up my baby who is now completely grey and purple and he looks lifeless! I just ran out of the room! I could't take it. By the time I made it to the end of the hall, I cried the hardest I have cried in awhile! I honestly thought God had decided his time was done here! My heart was broken! My mom was there holding me when one of the nurses came down and said they were able to get him stable! I wanted to throw up right there, and I didn't feel like doing anything. When I finally got the strength to come back to his room I couldn't leave his side! I just stood by his bed praying to God, thanking him for this precious baby!
That pretty much ruined the day for us! It was very stressful and sucked the life out of us but we made it through and every since then he has done great!! They still have him on Cpap but its just not bubble. It is a stronger machine!
He did good during the night and has had a much better day today! I know our Heavenly Father is watching over him!
Hope everyone has had a blessed day!

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  1. Sweet Megan,

    Hang in there Megan.... God has had your back this whole time and he will never let go!!

    Your Mom (we are friends thru our Wildtree Business) has been keeping us all updated on FB as much as you permit her to and no matter I pray daily for this little one!!

    Such a blessing he has poured out on those he has touched....Both in the physical and in the heart! He may never really understand the impact he has had at such a young age, but God is working a mighty thing thru him!!

    He is a miracle from God and we don't ever know exactly what the long term outcome will be, but the Lord has got that covered.... he has known Hudson since before he was formed and he has ALL this covered.

    Cry when you need... it is a blessed relief, be strong always and know that you and your precious Hudson are loved beyond words by all who have encountered you either in person or over this wonderful thing called the internet!!

    Bless you
    Diane Martin