Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Million Dollar Baby!

I never dreamed that I could honestly say that I have a million dollar baby! When we finally get done with this situation Hudson Lynn will be our million dollar baby! On day 19 of being in the hospital we were at $200,000, so we can average this out to $10,000 a day! He will probably be here around 5 months total so for all you math people that can do this in your head....It comes out to a very LARGE amount.....1.5 million to be exact! And that is without blood transfusions(we have had 4!) and all the other stuff! Plus we also have my wonderful medical bills!!! CRAZY!! I know you are sitting here thinking how in the world are they gonna do it??? I ask myself the same question alot but Honestly I have no idea! God will take care of us! He will show us the way, and actually since Hudson is qualified as "disabled" because of birth weight our social worker is saying we will probably get medicad or care which ever one! I cant keep up with all this. I am just so happy I have people here everyday that look after us!
The last several days have been really good! I know I have posted in a few days but I have been busy! Matthew was here with me then my best friend Jennifer and her mom came to visit! I have enjoyed being able to get out and clear my head! Day in and day out of sitting in a hospital room with no windows and lots of sick babies around you will start getting to you! Don't get me wrong I do enjoy my quite time but after awhile a break is nice! I am really looking forward to this weekend! My sweet Jagger will be here! It has been two weeks since I have seen him and its killing me! I can't hardly look at his picture without crying! I am just ready for the day our family is back together! Im ready for Jagger to actually get to be a big brother! I'm ready for our tears to be happy instead of sad! I know these days are coming and I try not to get down and out about all of it! The one thing I continue to tell myself is that God needs me here and not in Kennett right now! I know I say this over and over but please keep the prayers up! We feel them and I know they are working!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Love to all!

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