Friday, February 15, 2013


Well today has been a fantastic day!!! The only way it would be better is if we were home! I got to sleep in this morning! Once I got up and got around, Lisa, our primary nurse, called and told me to hurry to the hospital because Hudson was going to be getting a bottle! Wooohooo this is awesome news! I jumped out of bed and hurried to the hospital! When I got here, Hudson was sucking away on his paci! It was precious! He loves it and when you take it out of his mouth, he starts reaching like crazy for it!
Lisa told me it wasn't quite time for his feeing but she brought me sushi for lunch so I would have time to eat before feeding! By the way, Lisa is amazing! We love her so much and I keep telling here we are going to win the lottery while we are here so that she can just move to kennett with us! After I got finished eating it was Hudson's turn! He did awesome! He only took 7cc, but he did great! His heart rate never dropped. His sats never dropped! He didn't spit up, so that means he was swallowing! We were so proud! After taking 7ccs he was exhausted! Lisa explained it wears them out bc they are working so hard! They have to learn to coordinate so many things at once! I was thinking to myself when we got done how this is something we take for granted. I can't imagine having to learn to eat, swallow and breathe at the same time. It doesn't seem like a big deal but its a huge deal!
The rest of the day has been uneventful! I have just been waiting in my sweet husband to get here! This is the first weekend we have been alone! If Hudson acts like a good boy then I think we might try a date tomorrow night! I am looking forward to that!
As far as sweet Jagger, he is having a hard time! He really misses me and cries alot! It kills me! I just feel like my heart is ripping out! Matthew was reading him his bible last night and Jagger started crying and told Matthew not to read anymore because thats what his mommy reads to him! :( Please keep our Jagger in your prayers! I just constantly pray that God will give him comfort to not be so upset! I am also hoping that next week if Hudson is still doing well that Jagger could come up and stay a day with me all by himself! We need some time alone! I think it would both do us some good!
Hope everyone had a blessed day!

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  1. I have been following along and I'm so happy that Hudson had a great day. Will keep Jagger in my prayers.