Sunday, January 19, 2014


Warning: I am having a pity party kind of morning so bare with me!! ;) I use to Love Sundays! It was a day that I could be around wonderful people and worship my God! It was just a feel good kind of day! Now it kind of makes me sad! I miss church so bad! I don't agree with people who say that church does not affect your relationship with God or your faith! I think it does! I definetly think it strengthens it or at least it does mine. I can tell since I am not going to church I just feel blah! This doesn't mean I have quit praying or reading my. Bible but it has just brought me down or something.. I cant quite describe it! Now all this being said, please don't think that I am a selfish spoiled brat and I am not being grateful about Hudson! That is not true... I am very grateful to have Hudson home and healthy! But when the doctors give us the ok to take him to church we will be there when the doors open! ;) 
There has not been much going on in our world! I did make another new recipe the other night! It was amazing! It was pizza pasta casserole! I found in on the site whatscookingintheburbs. This lady has alot of great healthy recioes! This recipe was easy, quick, yummy and a weight watchers recipes! What more could you ask for!! ;) ingredients: rotini/ corkscrew pasta (Ronzoni brand I think is what I used!), pizza sauce, low fat mozzarella cheese, low fat ricotta cheese, turkey pepperoni, and oregano! 
Cook your pasta. While pasta is cooking in a mixing bowl, combine pepperoni, ricotta cheese, sauce, oregano, and small amount of mozzarella. When noodles get done, add to mixture. Pour mixture into casserole dish! Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes! I also added cheese and a few pepperoni on top!! The best part it was around 219 calories per serving and 8 points on weight watchers!

 I also served it with my favorite salad...greek! If you have not tried Kraft greek dressing.... Oh my! You are missing out! I could almost drink the stuff...ok maybe not drink it but I do clean my bowl! ;)

 I haven't quite decided whats on the menu for this week but I am leaning towards meatball sub casserole, chicken pot pie and maybe taco soup... Not sure! Hoping I can sit down today and plan it out! I have really been trying to use stuff I already have in our cabinets.. I am horrible about having a ton in the cabinets and not using it! So I figure now is a good time to clean out cabinet, and freezer! ;)
Excitng news: Hudson is saying Momma! It is so sweet and it makes my heart melt on the floor! 

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