Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I think it is safe to say the Cohn family is going to go into hibernation! So here in our town we are having a huge and I mean HUGE outbreak of the Flu! It has scared the mess out of me! I normally do not get to nervous about these kinds of things but it has really scared me how many people have it! It is spreading like wildfire! I have already been cautious about germs but I think today I may have went over the edge and went into panic mode! I went and bought extra lysol, lysol wipes, germx, vitamin C, and bottled water! If nothing else We will be clean and well hydrated! ;)  I know we all have to take precautions but after awhile there is only so much we can do and then the rest we turn it over to God! My prayer everyday is to keep us flu and germ free until spring! That being said if you do not see us around do not be alarmed, we have decided to hibernate and enjoy our time inside! 
This past weekend was busy and exciting! It was our church's weekend for DNow! Its a really awesome thing for the youth! Basically its a retreat without having to go out of town! You are split up into groups and placed in homes around town! Each group has a leader and that leader does the night bible studies! During the weekend, a band and speaker come in. I have always enjoyed being a part of the event! This year the theme was Firsthand Faith! He talked about how we get so wrapped up in "religion" that we never focus on the relationship with God! He also explained how we should live for God and not a checklist! We have to step back, tear up our checklist and focus only on God and building that relationship! My favorite thing said over the weekend was a quote, "church is not a museum for good people, its a hospital for the broken"! I love this because this is what church is really about! We should go to church because we are "broken", because we are sinners, because we are hurt, because we are weary, and the list goes on! If you ever get a chance to be apart of a Dnow dont pass it up! You will not be sorry! I know the kids always get great stuff from it but I know for a fact that adults get from it also!
Well its late and I need alittle rest before baby wakes up for bottle! Oh and I am excited because tomorrow night I will be making a new pinterest recipe! I will post how it turns out- good or bad! 
Hope everyone has a blessed night! 
Lots of love!

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